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Why I work as a recruitment consultant

In George Orwell’s novella, ‘Why I Write’, he poses questions applicable to all of us, not just those who write for a living. Why do authors write? What’s their purpose? Do they want recognition, money, or something else?

Why do recruiters recruit? What’s their purpose? Do they want recognition, money, or something else?

Why does a recruitment consultant recruit?

In legal recruitment, a lot of us have left the law (practice). From a personal point of view, I’m trying to keep people in the profession because I don’t want them to make the same mistake I did: I qualified into the wrong area of law and ended up departing shortly afterwards. If I can use both my legal knowledge and personal experience to help someone stay in a career that's actually right for them (despite their current circumstances), this makes the job highly rewarding and worthwhile for me.

Does a recruitment consultant want recognition?

If I did, I’m probably in the wrong profession and should’ve paid attention in science and become a surgeon (or indeed done something that’s widely considered as noble – like a fireman or policeman).

This being said, when someone truly recognises the work you do because you’ve made a discernible and positive impact on their life (by getting them a job that ticks all the boxes; the ones they’re desperate to tick), it adds another level of reward.

The job of a legal recruitment consultant isn’t easy as we’re in the middle of sometimes competing, and sometimes aligned, interest. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes so when someone sends you a bottle of wine (even although you haven’t technically placed them, but steered them in the direction of a colleague) because your career advice was deemed “invaluable”, it makes all the dedication meaningful.  OK, so maybe I do want recognition! Any that comes my way is always appreciated.

Does a recruitment consultant just want money?

See above: we also want wine! In all seriousness though, this is only the very end of (what can be) a hugely protracted process in finding and landing someone a job. We don’t always ‘get them over the line’ (I hate that phrase), but I take great comfort in doing something well, despite any lack of financial gain at the end of it.

Working as a recruitment consultant, what’s our purpose?

We’re here to advise you on what a change – tailored to your needs – could look like.

Many people are either working in an environment that’s the wrong fit for who they are (be that emotionally or from a progression point of view; these are a few amongst many other factors), or are, as the phrase goes: “killing themselves for a business that would replace them in a week if they simply ceased to exist” (hyperbolic but certainly something to think about).

We’re recruitment consultants who want to listen to your problems, and to the best of our ability and limitations, help you solve them.

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