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Considering a move? Why you should consider small and medium sized law firms...

For many aspiring lawyers at the start of their legal career the dream is to join a large national or international law firm.  Often the draw of working for a well known name, high salaries and enhanced benefits packages are some of the reasons.

It’s easy to be drawn to the big, well known players in the market but with over half of all law firms having fewer than 100 qualified lawyers there are many benefits of being part of a small or medium sized law firm.

Progression One of the main advantages of the smaller firms is the opportunity to progress through the ranks quicker as you’ll often work very close to your manager and decision makers.

Exposure For many, especially at the junior end, it’s much more achievable to have a broader mix and more responsibility as the team sizes are much smaller. As you’ll be working very closely with seniors it’s often the case that you’ll be given a huge amount more hands on experience and trust than you would in a larger firm where the work is often split down and delegated dependant on level.

Variety Another huge advantage of working for a smaller practice is the opportunity to get involved in a variety of practice areas.

High street firms often take on a wide spread of work and given the visibility you’ll have across the firm it’s often the case that you’ll be then able to handle or assist on a range of matters at various stages. Smaller firms do sometimes specialise in specific practice areas, joining a firm with a particular niche offers you the chance to focus on your preferred discipline.

Culture I think now, more than ever, culture is a massive draw for many. Many small or medium sized law firms offer really great cultures and a family/close knit feel.

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