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Why should I be a recruitment consultant?

So, you have been thinking about becoming a recruitment consultant? Us ‘rec cons’ can get a bad press, alongside estate agents, window sales people, car salesmen, and ‘white van drivers’, almost any general sales roles… the list could go on! Is all the hot air and criticism fair?

I read a fair amount of posts on LinkedIn daily where our industry is knocked by ‘cowboy’ recruiting, but I also see vast amounts of pleasant posts and have daily notifications prompting me to congratulate my connections on their new role and these connections were thanking the said ‘cowboy’ recruiter for opening up this avenue for their next challenge and how thrilled they are! Even giving the said agency a recommendation!

Recruitment can be a very positive and rewarding career and has been a very positive one for me. Don’t get me wrong, it can be stressful at times and it requires consistent focus, determination, tenacity and commitment – but the rewards are huge and it will never cease to amaze you how pleased you feel when you give a thrilled candidate that offer they have been waiting for!

I love knowing I have made an impact on an ambitious lawyer’s career and added a huge benefit to my client’s team – particularly when they have been waiting to find the right candidate for such a long time and it has been causing great strain and pain on their workload and stress levels!

Fundamentally it is a sales role and it is by no means suited to a personality that isn’t determined and 100% committed. You could say recruitment is a full contact sport and not for anyone seeking an easy game.

Many people we speak to have a preconception about recruitment consultants; the job is often viewed as easy money made by unskilled workers with no prior experience required! However many ‘would be’ recruitment consultants leave the industry because it takes a certain tenacity and determination to be successful. After all, if it was that easy we would all be in recruitment and nobody would ever leave.

In my opinion recruitment consultants who have created successful careers are aware of the challenges they face but have plans to defeat these challenges that face them and think on their feet. If you are serious about pursuing a career in recruitment it’s key that you ask yourself a number of vital questions, such as; Am I self-motivated? Am I prepared to dedicate the time to become an expert in my market? Am I a good listener that can adapt to the needs of my clients and candidate and ensure I understand their situation to resolve their pain? If you can answer these questions and more so in a positive way then there is nothing that can stop you from fulfilling your ambitions in recruitment and enjoying the earning potential and career satisfaction that comes with it.

We always say that everyone is accountable for setting a positive tone in the office and I believe positivity is key! We recruitment consultants pride ourselves on helping others achieve their career ambitions and there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have made a positive impact on someone’s career or team.

If you are a lawyer who has fallen out of love with the law or an experienced recruiter who is fed up of your current firm and don’t feel you are getting the most out of what most definitely can be a rewarding career, then please do have a think about considering BCL Legal … we have vacancies in Birmingham and Manchester… Tomorrow starts now!

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