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Why should I meet a recruiter in person?

A lot of people view the relationship between candidate and recruitment consultant as purely transactional: we send your CV on your behalf, we help you get an interview and we inform you of offers. You might find it frustrating when your recruiter wants to have an introductory chat or coffee with you first but this is to understand why you're looking, what you want to change, what your personal life's like, what you like to do in the evenings, how the commute is going to work etc. It seems erroneous but bear with us.

We're your sounding board

Eventually, a good recruiter becomes your sounding board. Yes, we have a slight vested interest, but a good recruiter seeks to build long term relationships with the candidates they work with. By taking the time to speak to us, we're in a far better position to tell you about roles that'll be genuinely interesting to you and meet with your long term career aspirations. Over the years (I'm not saying how many), I've found that I'm able to add the most value to your search when we have a full and frank discussion about what you want out of your career.

It's two-way

So why should you make the effort to speak to your recruiter in person? If you’re going to trust someone to present your CV to the firms you want to work with, you should take the time to get to know that person. Also, by building the relationship you’ve then got someone who's fighting your corner to get you an interview, but who'll also challenge preconceptions you might have about particular firms. At BCL Legal we pride ourselves on building relationships with our candidates. So, if you’re reading this blog, pick up the phone and let’s talk!

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