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Why should I use a recruitment consultant?

It’s a question I am often asked what is the benefit of using a recruiter? Working in this industry for over four years this question has often been asked and let me tell you there are lots which perhaps you have never though of.

In the conveyancing market it’s busy and lots of firms are recruiting which is great and allows good quality candidates to have a strong chance of securing a better opportunity. From the first moment a candidates speaks to me I spend a lot of time really getting to know them, often meeting with them and asking lots of questions which really helps me understand exactly what it is that they are and aren’t looking for in their next role. The more information that I have, the more I can help, I can assist with salary expectations which often can prove a difficult topic at interview and inform a client prior to interview of anything that perhaps you would rather not say yourself. Advising a client prior to your interview of the salary that you are looking for saves time, energy and problems if an offer is made.

I can help you understand more about the firm that you will be meeting with as I have met them and therefore know them really well which in turn helps you have a greater understanding before you even go in. It might even be as little as the knowing that the interviewer is a keen sportsman and if you are as well, it could be a hot topic to discuss which ultimately helps build rapport and will help you to secure the role.

Working with many of Yorkshire’s leading law firms every candidate that I speak to I discuss every role available to them, perhaps firms that you aren’t even aware of and haven’t previously thought about. I can help you get a really good market overview and present your CV in a way that is sure to gain some interest.

There are numerous benefits of using a recruiter the list can go on but I would really ask yourself by using a specialist in the industry who understands their market what have you got to loose?

If you would like some advice on the benefits of using a recruiter and how I can help you secure a new role within residential conveyancing then please get in touch with myself, Katherine Scarff, on 0113 323 4904.

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