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Why use a legal recruiter

Why use a legal recruiter

Love us or hate us - we're here! So why not use our knowledge, time and expertise to your advantage. There is a real myth surrounding recruiters, not just in the legal sector, that candidates are better off approaching firms directly to source their dream role. Not always! The recruiters at BCL are discipline specialists, over half of whom are ex Solicitors themselves so know exactly what its like to be in your position.

Choosing the right legal recruiter for you: It is important to have an open mind when it comes to the legal market. Do not register with the first recruiter you come across online, it is worth doing your research before hand. BCL Legal are heavily involved with legal events up across the regions, and meet with lawyers on a regular basis. We organise and run Legal update seminars in conjunction with a number of law firms and in-house departments so we can all be kept abreast of what is going on in the legal world right now. BCL Legal  are on many of the PSL's (preferred suppliers lists) across the regions. This means that we are immediately contacted when a firm is looking to recruit. By keeping in regular contact with your consultant, you will be at the top of their mind when it comes to making that first call.

"But will you really find me a job?" There are more candidates out there than jobs. Unfortunately that is fact. That is not to say however, that if your cv stands out from the crowd, a recruiter will no doubt be on the phone pretty quickly. Sometimes a recruiter can receive 50+ applications per role. It is their job to sift through each cv and determine the best shortlist to forward to the client. Cv's with minimal detail such as job titles and dates will not suffice. Details details details. Include keywords to match the job advert you are applying to.

"I'm not really looking but..." We get more of these phonecalls than you'd think! There is absolutely no harm in registering your interest with BCL Legal- sometimes it is nice to know what opportunities are out there. It could be your dream role - but if we don’t have your contact details we won't be able to let you know about it. The easy way to stay ahead of the again is to use our job streamer service

Change in circumstances If we don't know - we won't call you! Relocations, change in disciplines, or change in firm/organisation - we need to know so we can keep you updated on the roles most relevant to you. If you are relocating to the North, but we have you registered for roles in the South, we will not contact you with the latest jobs. More importantly, you may be moving to an area that you don't know that well - especially in terms of the legal market. This is another good reason why its worth registering with a legal recruiter - our consultants are specialists in their own regions. Do keep us informed if you move firms as well. We could be organising an event with your firm - and it would be great to meet you now you've moved to see how you are getting on.

And finally... time! As a legal professional, we do not doubt that your time is precious (and chargeable!) - so time spent trawling websites for roles is simply going to take up too much of your time. More often than not we are directly in contact with the law firms and we are made aware of roles before they even make the client website. Our job is to keep close to our clients, so we are aware of the best jobs coming up to run past you, the candidate.

If you are interested in having a confidential chat about your current situation and in hearing about some great opportunities please call one of our legal recruitment consultants on 0845 241 0933

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