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Why use a legal recruiter and what do we need from you?

Establishing a relationship with a good legal recruiter is something you should look to do early on in your career. Attending free career and networking events is a great way to accomplish this or set the wheels in motion. 

BCL Legal sponsors a variety of events throughout the year, many of which are aimed at junior lawyers; mostly trainee solicitors but also paralegals. We get to know a lot of you at these events and whether or not you look to move firms upon qualification, we are always on hand, even if just as a sounding board or to discuss back up options if things don't work out as you’d hoped.

We hold solid relationships with internal recruitment teams and partners at leading firms in our patches (mine being Birmingham city centre) and we can share market info, interview tips and firm insights with you. We can also give you the heads up on roles that aren't yet advertised, as well as access to roles that are managed by us on an exclusive basis. 

Didn’t get a chance to speak to us at one of our events?

We always welcome a no obligation and no strings attached chat on the phone or coffee with you, whether or not you’re looking for a new job.  Sometimes we meet lawyers who are undecided about their next step or looking to negotiate a pay rise at their current workplace. This is fine, for us, it's about establishing long term relationships and being the first agency you think of (for legitimate and good reason) when the time is right for a move. 

I’ve worked at BCL Legal since 2011, an eternity in recruitment years! During this time my colleagues and I have helped thousands of lawyers progress through their career: from trainee and newly qualified solicitors just starting out, through to those who are now legal directors and partners. We’ve built our reputation on providing a reputable service to clients and candidates alike. We’ve also built our reputation on integrity, and we would never encourage you to make a move that wasn’t in your best interest.  

To help, what do we need from you?

To help us determine suitable options for you, we require quite a lot from you. First and foremost: information and honesty. This means we'll talk about your current situation; think about ways of potentially making that work (we'll ask you to explore all avenues internally before we embark on a job search); we'll ask you about your work, your performance, your financial package, salary expectations etc.; we’ll need to understand your personal life, family or other commitments, and any flex you’ll need around working hours and patterns. It's also important we understand where you’re up to in your job search: if you’ve made any applications prior to speaking to us. We're always honest and upfront with the firms we work with about where you’re up to with others roles – this doesn’t hamper your application in the slightest, if anything, it creates more urgency and momentum and results in you having more options at the end of the process. 

For a strictly confidential chat, whether you’re actively looking for a new job or whether you require some market/salary info and guidance on how to negotiate a better package at your current firm, please get in touch.

If you’re a trainee solicitor about to qualify and you’re located or interested in NQ lawyer jobs in Birmingham or the wider Midlands area, sign up to our Birmingham 2020: BCL Legal NQ Careers Talk. All our NQ events are free and food and drink are provided. Last year was a sell-out, so don’t miss out!

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