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Why Use a Recruitment Consultant When You Can Do It Yourself?

OK, so you've decided it is time to secure a new job, so what are your options? Should you look at a few job boards, consider making some direct applications, think about contacting that friend from University who now works at that top law firm or should you contact a recruitment agency? Well, already you could have made three mistakes.

If you had decided to post your CV on a job board, this becomes public knowledge, you will be inundated with calls, unscrupulous agencies will send your CV out without your permission (this is illegal by the way but unfortunately can happen) and, worst case scenario, your boss could see it! If you are reading this and already have your CV on a job board, I would strongly advise that you remove it and make sure that you know where every agent who has contacted you has sent your CV and just pray there aren't too many duplications made by those unscrupulous agencies who have used your CV as a mail shot (but don't worry, we're not all like that!).

So, next option, apply direct. This has been made far easier with many firms now having web portals. However do you really know what these firms are looking for, how you can tailor your CV accordingly, and do you have the time to complete the lengthy online application form (even us hardened recruiters who complete these online application forms all day on behalf of candidates find them taxing at times!) and if you successfully complete one, what about the next one? And the next?! And who do you follow up with? And if you are lucky enough to be called for interview, how will you prepare, who will prep you for certain expected interview questions (of course you won't know what's expected as this is your first contact with the firm), but you'll be up against people being represented by a recruitment agency who know that particular Partner's interview technique, and maybe even most of the questions!

So, asking an old acquaintance on the inside to put in a good word for you and to forward on your CV, surely this should work to your advantage, especially if the employee is going to receive a referral bonus. In theory, yes, it sounds promising, but in practice, does your friend know who is specifically recruiting at any given time (unlikely), do they know the decision maker (possibly), but if your CV does not go through the recognised recruitment procedure channels it will not be considered, so your friend giving a CV to a busy Partner for it to get lost in their in-tray and to never even make it into their recruitment process is not a risk I personally would want to take. However let's say that you have indeed given your old acquaintance your CV, how often can you chase them for news? How often can your friend chase the busy Partner and not annoy them and, quite frankly, assuming that your friend is really busy too, when they are in the office up against important work deadlines, with the best will in the world, is hounding their boss on your behalf really going to be top of their agenda?!

So, you are left with one feasible option which will get you the result you want - use a recruitment agent. That's what we're here for! Finding a job for our candidates, ie you, is what we spend every day doing. We are experts in recruitment, let us take the hard work, the worry and the uncertainty out of the process for you, because when you get that interview for your dream job, you will need all your time and energy to prepare (with our guidance and assistance of course), so don't exhaust yourself with all the leg work at the beginning of the process, when experts like us are on hand to assist, save your energy for that all important interview.

Therefore, make the right decision and start your job search the sensible way - call BCL Legal, in strict confidence on 0121 2301023. I place solicitors and legal executives into commercial law firms across the South Midlands, Thames Valley and Home Counties regions in a wide range of disciplines.

I look forward to speaking to you soon!

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