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Why working with a bunch of foodies is a good thing!

As I look round the table at the rest of my team, I can see a bag of pretzels, a bag of Haribos, an orange and some chocolate (the rest of the snacks were eaten before 10am this morning). I have to be honest; I think that team conveyancing at BCL Legal may be the worst place to sit when you are desperately trying to shift a couple of pounds. There is a constant influx of cake, biscuits, sweets and all sorts.

The ironic thing is, most of us on our team pride ourselves on eating healthy and organically. I (apparently) swear by the Paleo diet and have numerous cookbooks and a cupboard full of almond flours, sugar alternatives, coconut oils etc……. that being said, I would love to know what is considered low carb in a bag of Doritos (which I ate at lunch).

Let’s all face facts, food is wonderful and as a self-confessed foody, I spend the vast majority of my day either discussing or thinking about food. Having worked in offices where discussing your dinner options at 9am is really frowned upon (can you believe it), it is lovely to be back on my desk with people who love food (nearly) as much as I do.

Working in a team, where you get on with people is one of the most over looked reasons for changing jobs. I met my partner at work and have met some of my closest friends through work. Working life, today takes over 35-40 hours of your working week. It’s no longer the 9am-4:30pm with an hour for lunch and a good work life balance that my grandmother speaks so fondly of. We do spend a long time at work and it’s so important to get on with people you work with.

At BCL Legal, we include team drinks as part of our recruitment process to ensure everyone has had a chance to meet the new person in an informal capacity. I would highly recommend this to any firm hiring. Not only is it an extra social aspect at work, but you really get to see what someone is like when you’ve plied them with a couple glasses (or bottles ) of wine.

Going to work is less of an ordeal if you get on with the people you work with. When we take a new role on, we always ask what the team environment is like. So if you are dreading mornings because of moaning Mrytl and her endless arguments with the neighbours or the moody one who grunts when you ask if they want a cuppa, then give us a call. I am sure we will know of a team that will suit you better!

For more information contact Azara Roger at BCL Legal.

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