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Why you should always keep track of your CV

Searching for your ideal role can often be a minefield. Particularly in a buoyant market. Dependant upon the area of law you specialise in, you could be inundated with opportunities, all of which promising you the perfect job. You are likely to have done your research. No doubt you’ll have a list of firms which you would jump at the chance to work for. It’s important you really consider your representation when using a specialist recruiter. How well does your recruiter know you? Do they really know your motivations for wanting to move on, and do they really know the firms they are presenting to you? Choosing the right recruiter can be the key to being offered the best role, at the best firm, with the best package. Make sure your recruiter knows their client. Be sceptical of those who just send the CV across in the hope it generates interest, you need your recruiter to be able to influence the process, to ensure it moves smoothly and quickly, and to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

One of the main things to bear in mind when searching for a new role is to keep track of where your CV is sent. Multiple applications to the same firm can be detrimental. It shows a lack of care, poor attention to detail and no real thought about what is a very important step in your career. If you have given your consent to a recruiter in relation to a firm it is absolutely imperative that you are clear with any other recruiters you are working with. Often, you will be spoken to about the same firm on more than one occasion. If this is the case, make your decision based on the most knowledgeable- who is going to represent you in the best possible light and give you a full and detailed description of the role and the firm? When submitting applications it is not uncommon to hear, “we have received this CV 4 times in the last 2 months from 4 different recruiters”. This can cause major problems for the firm in question. Introduction disputes are met with displeasure for obvious reasons and more often than not, this will be the end of the process before it’s even begun.

So, if there is any bit of advice I’d give, it’s to keep track of your CV. Know which firms you have applied to and through whom. Keep a record, write it down, keep it on email. Either way, think about perception and be on top of your game.

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