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Why you should use a recruitment agency?

As an experienced recruitment consultant myself it's no surprise that I would whole heartedly recommend the use of a recruitment agency in searching for your next job, however using a recruitment consultant from BCL Legal will give you a better chance of finding the right role than most other legal recruitment agencies.  Here's why:

BCL Legal offers a comprehensive legal recruitment service for lawyers at all levels, law firms and businesses, across all disciplines and across all sectors.

BCL Legal is one of the market leaders in Legal Recruitment across the regions. Each consultant at BCL Legal operates in a niche vertical or geographical market ensuring that their level of service and market knowledge is greater than their competitors. BCL Legal prides itself on this key differentiator.

At BCL legal our recruitment consultants know their market, but we also work hard to understand a candidates skills and competencies, and act effectively as a coach and broker in finding the right opportunity for you.  Using a 3rd party can provide a welcome distance in the recruitment process and can be invaluable in offering advice when it comes to interview preparation and salary negotiation.

BCL Legal is able to offer candidates a bespoke legal recruitment service.  We mirror our clients and operate in vertical discipline specific teams, within very niche geographic areas. This ensures that we have the level of knowledge and depth of relationship that makes the difference.  By understanding our clients’ needs, we have the information and knowledge needed to pass onto our candidates.  This is essential when preparing for an interview, without this knowledge your chances of securing an offer are greatly reduced.

If you log on to you'll find that this is one of the most comprehensive regional legal jobs board on the internet. You are able to search and apply for jobs across Private Practice, Public Sector and In House. We do not restrict how many jobs we advertise - we advertise them all.

Many of the best career opportunities will not be on a firm's website - by using a recruiter at BCL Legal you can be presented with a much wider range of options than using firm's websites alone.

A knowledgeable recruitment consultant will be able to access a job market through using their contacts and relationships with hiring partners and HR personnel, one that more of often than not is not in the common domain. What you can do on your own is limited, and time consuming.  At BCL Legal we work hard to understand your experience and specific needs and will proactively speak to potential employers to open up options that as a candidate you never knew existed.

Whether or not you choose to use BCL legal my main advice would be to choose a recruitment agency you trust. Before instructing a recruitment consultant, get to know them and how they work and make sure they know you.  A good consultant will take the time to understand you; your experience, skills, concerns, career aspirations and personality, to match your requirements closely.  After all, your career is important and any move should with your long term career in mind and not just a 'quick-fix'.

We as recruiters are legally obliged to call and speak to you about any role before submitting your CV, that way you are always in control of where your personal details are going. You do not want your CV in the wrong hands being sent out before you expressly give verbal consent. You would be surprised how often this happens, at BCL Legal you will always know who knows what about you!

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