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‘Why you SHOULD use a recruitment consultant to secure your next role…’

Securing a job in an increasingly competitive market is hard work and requires a lot of time and effort. Firstly, you have to do some soul searching and figure out the reasons for wanting to leave your current role and come up with a visual of what the ‘ideal’ actually looks like.

Just as you thought deciding what you actually want is hard enough, trawling through job boards, updating your CV, filling out online application forms, attending interviews and writing cover letters is even harder and worse still…time consuming!

For many of us, ‘time’ is something that we simply do not have so why not sit back, relax (with or without a glass of sparkly) and have a trusted recruiter do the hard for you? For those of you thinking what’s in it for me, keep reading…

1) Job search tailored to you.

A good recruiter will make an effort to get to know you, ideally by having a face to face meeting and learning as much as possible about your needs, motivations and preferences. This helps us visualise your ‘ideal’ role so we are in a better position to put you forward for roles that are right for you and your circumstances. A well tailored job search will be smoother, quicker and more satisfying in the long run.

2) Advice, Support and Guidance.

Many recruiters are experts in their chosen fields, taking pride in knowing their market and clients. This puts many recruiters in a strong position to provide guidance and advice on every step of the recruitment process be it helping you draft your CV, securing an interview on your behalf and going over interview preparation to ensure you do as well as possible! Having been a practising solicitor in private practice for a number of years, I am confident that I am able to advice on what skills partners of law firms look for in their employees.

3) Feedback and Constructive Criticism

Recruitment consultants have long standing relationships with many of their client law firms and are able to obtain detailed interview feedback. If perhaps, you didn’t do as well as you had hoped, worry not as a good recruiters will be able to help you understand what went wrong and strengthen your interview skills for next time.

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