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Why you shouldn’t put your job search on hold because Christmas is around the corner……….

Why you shouldn’t put your job search on hold because Christmas is around the corner……….

It’s Friday afternoon and Manchester is preparing for the Christmas lights to be switched on. We are being graced with the presence of Misha B and The Wanted, so as you can imagine, spirits are high and everyone is definitely feeling festive. However it suddenly dawned on me….. Christmas is a mere 6 weeks away!

The Christmas lights being turned on is definitely the moment when we all start counting down the days. If you are anything like me, I start to think about my to do list; present shopping, stocking up the fridge, making sure the Christmas cards are sent, decorations are up and most importantly ensuring Santa knows what he is buying. However just because your to do list suddenly grows and quite frankly includes much more exciting and pressing issues doesn’t mean your job search should fall off the bottom.

When I speak to my friends and clients, everyone seems to be under the impression that the Christmas period is not a good time to look for a new job and instead we should all wait until the New Year. I do wonder where this has come from?! Christmas is a brilliant time to look for a new job and in fact I did it myself many moons ago when I moved up from London to BCL Legal.

Despite Christmas being around the corner, firms still have a requirement and people still hand their notice in. Firms want to be sorted by the New Year and like us, want to fulfil their New Year’s resolution – ensuring they are operating with a full ship on 2nd January! It’s also easier to slip out of the office for an interview during the Christmas period as rather than creating the allusive dentist or doctors’ appointment, you can simply say you’re popping out to treat a client to a Liquor Coffee or a Gluhwein and no one bats an eyelid.

Moreover, because everyone seems to be under the impression that Christmas isn’t a good time to move, there is very little competition in the market and you become able to negotiate your salary better as no one wants be Scrooge during the festive period.

As much as we wish it would, business doesn’t halt because Christmas is around the corner and until Christmas Eve, it is very much business as usual. You never know, you might even get a mince pie at your interview. So instead of hanging up your stocking and downing tools for the holidays, get your CV written and over to BCL Legal as we are very much in business until Christmas Eve!

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