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Will we be replaced by robots?

We live in a world where technology is developing at an astonishing rate. I remember how excited I was to get my first mobile phone and the fact it had games on it. I remember my dad’s first mobile phone….you know the ones where you had to carry the battery around?! Who’d have thought then that we would be in a world where you have the internet literally at your finger tips! Remember having to use dial up?! How times have changed! Apparently, the next big thing is that we’re all going to be replaced by robots!! Technology is amazing, particularly the speed in which it advances but really, robots???

I keep hearing stories about robots and how they are advancing so quickly and are already replacing humans in the work place. Albeit the majority are within manufacturing on production lines, but how long till we get to the point where robots have Artificial Intelligence (AI) and start replacing humans in office jobs?! I suspect we are a very long way from this but according to this article on HR Grapevine, it’s men that need to worry about their jobs being taken by robots as they have a higher tendency to work in these manufacturing environments so all you women out there can breathe a massive sigh of relief!

I work on a high volume recruitment desk specialising in residential conveyancing where you need to react very quickly and juggle a lot of different things at any one time. I challenge any robot to deal with that!! Life as a recruiter feels chaotic and that you’re being pulled in many different directions, but I wouldn’t change this for a second. There is nothing worse than clock watching but that is definitely something that never happens on a high volume recruitment desk. So, message to any robots out there, hands off my job!!. It may be just the companies I have worked for but I do tend to find there are a higher proportion of females in recruitment, so hopefully that means robots won’t be invading our office anytime soon! For now, I think we can all sleep safely in our beds, you men included but who knows what the future might bring!

Chantel Gallagher is a consultant at BCL Legal’s Birmingham office specialising in residential property. She is not a robot. If you would like a confidential discussion contact Chantel Gallagher at BCL Legal



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