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Will you always get the best quality if you push for cheaper fees? Why BCL Legal is worth every penny.

We are often asked to reduce our fees when instructed by our clients. Whilst our rates are very competitive, we are certainly not the cheapest recruitment firm out there. This is because we are specialists in our field. And that field is Legal. Many of our consultants are non practicing solicitors having trained and gained experience at recognised regional and national firms. We know what we are talking about and we take the time to understand our clients requirements.

Our recruitment consultants understand that their reputation depends on providing a first class service to clients. We work with many of our candidates on an exclusive basis which means that they are not registered with other agencies. Should I need to look to the external market when hiring internally, I’d want to pay more not less. I want my recruiters to be incentivised to find me the best possible people. Many of our clients are now adopting this strategy. They want access to the candidates that their competitors would love to meet. In addition to this, our value-added service puts your firm first. Everything we do is geared towards promoting your brand and providing you with the best candidate for your firm.  We are proud of our communications strategy, our commitment and our knowledge.

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