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Will you be affected by the proposed changes to clinical negligence?

As a specialist in insurance/clinical negligence recruitment across the Midlands and South West I have noticed a slight shift in more claimant clinical negligence solicitors’ crossing over to defendant practice. Some have been motivated to make the change due to variety of factors.

Following the general election and as the Tory party go about implementing their new policies, one area that is in the government’s eye line is the NHS. There is a focus on trying to save costs with the NHS. I recently read an article in the Law Society Gazette, regarding the government’s plans to cut back on clinical negligence claims and limiting claimant solicitors costs against the NHS.

There has naturally been retaliation from claimant clinical negligence lawyers who are arguing that the costs they incur are relative and necessary to preserve justice for their clients. The argument is that if there is a clamp down on claimants funding this might impact on the claimant’s case which could raise all sorts of legal questions.

I routinely recruit for leading national and international claimant and defendant clinical negligence firms and I have noticed that there has been an increase in defendant clinical negligence recruitment, particularly in the Midlands and Bristol. I am told that this is due to an influx of claims against professionals working the NHS/MDU. Greater pressure as the national health service continues to be stretched, incidentally means a rise in injury/negligence caused to those in care. Naturally this means that there will be a demand for more claimant clinical negligence solicitors that need to provide a service to those individuals that have suffered injuries.

If you are a clinical negligence solicitor that is interested in defendant or claimant practice and keen to discuss new opportunities please contact BCL Legal or call 0161 819 7475 for a private and confidential chat.

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