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Working as a Paralegal

Working as a paralegal can be incredibly rewarding, offering challenging and varied work. The benefits include the opportunity to gain relevant experience and earn some money before starting a training contract;  to gain exposure to the UK law firms or in-house legal team work and environment for those who have qualified overseas or to have a longer term career in law without the expense and time involved in qualifying as a Solicitor.

Law Firms and in-house legal teams usually seek candidates who have completed the LPC or BPTC.  On the interim side there is usually a requirement for six months work experience gained within a legal environment in addition to the LPC or BPTC.

Paralegal salaries vary considerably and depend on factors such as experience, size of firm and location. Typically in the larger city firms, paralegals can expect a starting salary of £20 – 22,000 per annum, with highly experienced paralegals in US firms or in-house earning considerably more. Hourly rates can vary from £13-17 per hour.

We have seen the demand for paralegals increase because Law firms and in-house legal teams are utilising non qualified staff to undertake more routine and process driven work. This proves to be a more cost effective solution.

BCL Legal works with law firms and in-house teams who recruit paralegals on an interim or permanent basis. If you are a paralegal looking for work please contact us to discuss current opportunities.

If you are seeking to hire a paralegal or a team of paralegals, we have a comprehensive database of paralegals that have completed their studies, gained excellent academics from top universities and have a minimum of six months experience.

For more information please contact BCL Legal or email us at

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