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Working mum - Are you one?

I have recently returned to work after 12 months of maternity leave having enjoyed a whole year off so that I could have quality time with my twins. Thinking back, as my return date loomed closer, the more I was filled with that horrible sinking feeling! Leaving the house the first morning back and saying bye to my babies was probably one of the hardest things I have had to do (bar childbirth of course). However walking back into the Birmingham BCL Legal office, seeing all the friendly faces and being sat back in my old seat lifted my mood very quickly not to mention enjoying a HOT cup of coffee! Along with all the pleasantries, it was nice to hear words of encouragement and support which reassured me that I would soon find my feet again. I was no longer filled with dread and was looking forward to my first day going well!

I am very fortunate that I work for a very understanding and compassionate employer that has a very large female work force including working mothers who like myself appreciate the effort our Directors make to ensure we can achieve a good work-life-balance. I have always been very career driven and so when I found out I was pregnant coupled with the surprise, some might say shock of carrying twins, I was very nervous about leaving work and taking on a new role of being a mother. Thankfully I adjusted to motherhood and embraced it wholeheartedly (not so much the nappy changes and sleepless nights) and now my life has changed, it isn’t just about me anymore. Therefore the thought of returning to work had become all the more daunting than first anticipated.

Like most people with young children, your priorities change and as a parent you want to make sure that you can give your children the best start in life and the best upbringing possible. So for someone like me, coming back to work was important as I want to be able to provide a stable and positive future for my children as well provide them with financial stability. Therefore working as a senior legal recruitment consultant at BCL Legal where I specialise in insurance recruitment has given me a great platform to earn a good living for me and my family. Over the years I have become an expert in my market thus enabling me to make excellent placement of solicitors/legal executives/paralegals with national and international firms specialising in personal injury, clinical negligence and professional indemnity across the UK. Consequently, successful placements means financial reward for me and this is one of my key motivators for doing the work that I do; after all I do have two more extra mouths to feed!

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