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Working (or not working) habits

Blackberry service has been sporadic to say the least over the last couple of days.  Not just in my life but globally.


My teenage children have been lost without their hourly dose of BBM (blackberry messenger for those who don’t know) and my suggestion of ‘just ring your friends’ was met with utter disbelief…..make phone calls, from a phone ? what ?!


Whilst we have spent three days laughing at the children cut off from the world it also revealed to me just how terrifyingly addicted I was to checking my own.


I have a blackberry that I use to pick up work emails.  Until this week I wasn’t actually aware that I read my work emails prior to putting the kettle on every morning, continually on the train to and from work and also every time it buzzes thought out the evening.  Its in my bag at weekends and I also took it on holiday and had contact with the office at least once a day too.   I know that most of my colleagues, clients and candidates work in this way.


My point and my question is it good for you? Do you ever really get to switch off? I like to be in the know so prefer to have it, even if this week has highlighted just how often I check the thing! I am however now aware why they are often referred to as a ‘crackberry’

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