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World cup fever

After months of hype the World Cup is in full swing and all hopes rest on Roy Hodgson and his team! With the office sweep stake drawn and the tournament fixtures list on the wall there is a real excitement in the office (admittedly mainly with the boys!).

With the majority of matches being played later in the working day/evening surely it is inevitable that worker productivity reduces during the World Cup? The football chat throughout the day, the holidays taken for England games (probably the day after the match given this year’s timings), the ‘sick’ days taken on the day of key games or the night after a key game, the streaming of football games through the internet to work PCs (catching up on the previous night’s late night match). All of these would appear to have a negative impact on worker productivity. However, I believe that the World Cup can also have a positive effect on productivity. Productivity is affected by emotion and there’s nothing more emotional than football and the hope and positivity that it can bring, especially on this scale!

Here at BCL Legal we will be harnessing the positivity and cheering on England. I highly doubt productivity will be effected but I will wait and see...

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