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Mark Levine
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Would you recommend a career as an in-house lawyer to others?

40% of lawyers in a recent poll said they would NOT recommend their profession to others and would chose a different career if they could start again!

I am not sure the background of the lawyers who took part in the poll - like most professions a lawyers job can vary massively from person to person (or lawyer to lawyer!)

For many years now I have called working in-house as a solicitor the 'silver-lining' of the profession - probably due to the fact that out of the thousands of lawyers that I have either spoken to or assisted it has, in the main, been one way traffic with lawyers looking to leave private practice to move in- house and once in- house a tiny percentage ever want to make the move back in to a law firm.

I thought it would be interesting to run the same poll to see if in-house lawyers have the same view or not. My gut feel is that far more would recommend their chosen career to others.

Please click on the link, with only 3 questions it will take you less than 10 seconds to respond. I will report back soon!!

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