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The Yorkshire Real Estate Market

The Yorkshire Real Estate market has always been one of the strongest transactional markets in the region and this has never been more evident than in past few months. Since March, I have been instructed on over 21 Real Estate opportunities across Yorkshire at firms from all different sizes and locations. From a senior partner role in Thirsk for a strong regional firm, to a boutique ABS newly qualified role – the roles have just kept coming in. So, why is this an issue for a recruiter who specialises in Real Estate? Well, it’s quite simple….the candidates that are active in the market are few and far between.

Granted, there are obviously real estate solicitors in Leeds as it’s an ever expanding city with a fantastic Real Estate sector. However, law firms across the region understand the important of their Real Estate candidates and as such have begun to wrap them in cotton wool. Candidates are being offered shorter working hours, higher salaries, faster progression paths and numerous other financial and non financial benefits at their firms which are in turn making them feel that they are valued at their current firm and ultimately happy in their current role. However, if you are a Real Estate lawyer who doesn’t feel completely valued at your current firm, then please do give me a call (details at the bottom of this article) as there hasn’t been a better time to move and it is likely the perfect role is out there for you.

On the other side of the coin, Law firms who are looking to recruit into their Real Estate department are finding it increasingly difficult to do so and as a result have been losing out on work if they are not prepared to be open minded on what type of candidate. There has been numerous successes with client I have dealt with recently who have remained open minded on Real Estate candidates who haven’t on paper seemed an ideal fit, however once they have met and discussed their transferable skills they have taken them on and these candidates have hit the ground running. Recent examples of this are residential property/conveyancing lawyers being take on and retrained into commercial property lawyers. Agriculture specialists being re-trained in Real Estate generalists. There are some great examples currently working in the Yorkshire market that we have placed their and been a resounding success.

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