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You know you’re a law student when…

For many working in the legal sector, we will all be noticing an influx of fresh new faces this month, either in batches of future trainees or starting their first roles after graduating their studies. Many of our clients have reported that recruitment hits its peak between the end of August and the start of September at the more junior end of the scale. For this reason, I’ve decided to dedicate this month’s blog to some of the highlights and frustrations we will all remember from our days of studying law.

1. You will forever be afraid of drinking ginger ale.. Somehow Donaghue v Stephenson is one of the only cases you still remember from your studying days and even more remarkably, somehow also remember that the year was 1932.

2. You’ve become a pro at blagging your way through situations where you didn’t do the necessary preparation – a skill which has also served you well at later stages of life.

3. Two words are enough to incite feelings of absolute horror and dread. Oxford. Referencing.

4. Hitting the upload button on your final coursework at 23:59:57 was extremely common. Whoever had the closest time to the submission deadline was the winner and got major respect.

5. LexisNexis is not your friend, it is a hugely intimidating abyss of information . You even made it to graduation without understanding how to use it, somehow finding all the necessary case law through the mediums of google and textbooks, even if it took double the time.

6. You still remember the pain of the cost of your textbooks hitting your account, even more so the pain of trying to resell a year later, only to find that their value is now £1.50 each, seeing as the case law is now out of date.

7. You’re motivated by the fear of failure more so than the idea of success.

8. You definitely feel like your friends who took Art/Drama/History/English/ Philosophy/ literally any other subject are having a lot more fun than you.

9. You definitely don’t feel £30,000 smarter than when you arrived.

Having said that, if you’ve successfully made it through your student days and graduated from your LLB or LPC recently and have existing experience as a Paralegal or a Training Contract secured for 2016/2017, please do get in touch and we can hopefully help you manoeuvre successfully to the next stage of your legal career.

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