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You train - you gain. Why is training so important?

Most of us have undergone training in our life, through education and careers. Training has an important impact on how well you do in a particular area. It is like putting flesh on the bones. However, it is always important to continue to learn new things and new ideas to develop our existing skills. Not only is it a benefit to learn from an expert in the field it is also helpful to learn from your peers; the ideas they have and experiences they have faced can help us learn and develop to move forward.

Training is vital to progression. It enables you to understand the process and reasons why you choose to work in a particular way. It can put an emphasis on your existing skills whilst in turn allowing others and yourself to identify areas of weakness or new training needs.

Here at BCL we receive excellent training to guide us through and help us develop as legal recruiters. I recruit solicitors and partners for firms in the East, West, South Midlands and Home Counties in all commercial disciplines. As the work I do covers a variety of levels of PQE, disciplines and locations, it is important I have the same framework which I can use in the variety of work I do. The training I receive enables me to utilise on BCL’s successful processes but also develop and enhance my existing skills for my demographic.

I recently attended training at our offices in Manchester which I found to be very useful. I came away with new insight and new ideas of how to develop my work further. The training we all receive also adds consistency to the work I do in conjunction with my colleagues nationwide. Regular training enables me to keep on the right track and know that I work to the same structure as my colleagues. This allows for the same excellent service you would receive from any of our consultants in any of our offices. The training I received also helped to boost my confidence, understand the reasoning behind why we do things the way we do and why it works so successfully. I have been given a platform to work from and the tools I need to do a great job.

So how does this reflect in a legal career? We often speak to candidates who are seeking new opportunities and they speak to us about how important training is to them in a new role. In particular trainees or newly qualified solicitors are often seeking roles with an emphasis on training and development to give them a growth in their skills and a strong career path. Even at more senior levels, we discuss with candidates their desire to join a firm that has a great training structure where they can enhance their existing skills and learn from experts in their field. When we discuss the roles with our clients they are proud of the training they provide and know this is important to attract candidates to their roles and also in terms of progressing them through the firm.

Training is always going to be the strength behind progress, not only within your firm but also throughout your career.

If you are interested in discussing how training can help you in your legal career, or if you are seeking a change in career, contact Victoria Noble @ BCL Legal.

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