BCL Legal's Alex Carpenter discusses the growth of our Scotland recruitment team and the growth within the Scottish legal market...

BCL has watched the Scotland market grow over the last few years - it’s been an exciting time to work within the Scottish legal market and watch how things have developed... 

Scotland, a country known for its idyllic surroundings and culture, has also quickly become able to boast packages that compete with firms south of the border.

A lot of interesting changes have happened to salaries across the UK over the last few months, and whilst the Scotland market has historically seen lower salaries, this is no longer the case.

The international firms have increased their salaries UK wide, and Scotland is no exception. Offices are thriving across both sides of the border and solicitors are being rewarded like never before.

We’ve seen huge increases to newly qualified salaries and we’re now patiently waiting on the Scottish firms to officially announce their new salaries in response to the international firms - It’s certainly a lucrative time to be an NQ in Scotland!

If you’re interested to hear more about the level of salary increases, please feel free to get in touch.

Where are the opportunities?

Corporate, Commercial Litigation and Real Estate are some of the many practice areas that are thriving in the market and there’s always a constant demand on the Energy side. Firms are doing a lot to try and hold on to to people and so we’ve seen very strong competition in the above areas.

Because of the demand, a lot of firms are becoming more flexible, whether that’s offering hybrid working, part-time working, or with salaries, there’s often a discussion to be had.

With hybrid working now well and truly a part of normal life, we’ve noticed more and more solicitors open to working much further away geographically from where they are based. We've seen Glasgow based candidates keen to explore Edinburgh opportunities if there’s some element of multi-office working, or a generous hybrid working policy and vice versa... There’s more opportunity than ever before across the country.

Our response

There’s been a constant demand for solicitors and there is no sign of things slowing down... We’re helping more lawyers than ever before find their ideal legal role in the market, hence I'm delighted to announce that BCL has just expanded the Scotland recruitment team. 

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve welcomed Charlotte to the team who will be working alongside me. Charlotte has a strong legal background and will be focusing on contentious legal opportunities across Scotland.
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Charlotte notes that:

I’ve enjoyed my time in the law but I wanted to have a look at something slightly different, I’ve always had my eye on recruitment and it allows me to use my legal experience to full advantage – I’m very much a people person and I’m looking forward to helping people find their perfect job!

What can we do to help?

BCL is a national market specialist and the UK’s most trusted legal recruiter – We’re here to help!

We’ve recently put together our Newly Qualified Solicitors’ Guide for 2022 - it includes information about the current market, salaries across the market, CV wording, CV templates, tips for interviews and much more...

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Whether you’re newly qualified or not – If you’re considering a move, feel you might want to keep your ear to the ground for upcoming opportunities, or are just looking for a chat about the market, please get in touch!

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BCL Legal's Alex Carpenter discusses the growth of our Scotland recruitment team and the growth within the Scottish legal market...