Ed Fletcher

Ed Fletcher

CEO at Fletchers Solicitors

From the office to the Alps

The life of a law firm’s CEO is an extremely busy one - each day is filled with a mountain of different tasks, especially as the legal landscape is evolving so quickly and firms such as ours are constantly innovating to make ourselves fit for the future and to ensure we are able to manage our ever-growing team.

Of course we all love what we do, and no one day is ever the same. However, sometimes it’s nice to take a little break away from the office to go and explore the rest of the world. My destination of choice? It would have to be the French Alps.

What I love most is the fact there’s always something to do no matter the time of year – try your hand at skiing in the winter, or take in the beautiful sights in the summer.

This makes the Alps perfect for me and my family, as having two children who are now at school restricts the time we can go away and means we have little option but to schedule trips out of term time. So even if we plan to go during half term, summer or Christmas (which we often do), there are always plenty of activities for everyone.

It’s breath-taking when you realise how clean and fresh the air is, and the scenery is magnificent. If you bear in mind that the Fletchers Solicitors’ headquarters are located in the flat, seaside resort of Southport, it’s clear to see that the Alps and its mountains are a world apart.

This makes it all the easier to detach yourself from the everyday world and relax just for a short while. Although I must admit to being a holiday worker and do like keeping in touch through the wonders of modern technology.

For me, the moment that symbolises a break from the office is when I change my normal wheelchair wheels for my special mountain-bike-style ones. It’s a nice little ritual that instantly excites me about the trip up to the mountains.

I’m sure we all have our own little routines that help get us ready and in the holiday spirit – it’s true that we all need (and deserve) a break from time to time! And what better way to relax than amongst the fantastic vistas of the Alps.