Leila Bridgett, Solicitor Roberts Jackson - Trainee Solicitor of the Year Winner

Firstly, where do you work and what is your role?
Roberts Jackson Solicitors- I am a Solicitor and I am a Team Leader overseeing 6 fee earners. I have recently become the Head of the Musculoskeletal Department where I oversee 12 fee earners.

Why did you choose a career in law?
I wanted to do a job that allowed me to make a difference.

What attracted you to your particular specialism?
I was initially attracted to musculoskeletal injuries as they are a detailed and complex area of disease. The gravity of a musculoskeletal injury is often underappreciated. They can involve serious and continued breaches of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, which are in place to protect employees from risk of injury. The injuries that can arise as a result of this, are seriously debilitating and can affect many aspects of an individual’s life, be it at work or in the home.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
The most enjoyable part of the job is obtaining a successful outcome for my clients. Providing an outstanding and high level service is the most important part of my job to me.

What particular challenges are you or have you faced in these tougher times?
Ensuring that my clients are protected as much as possible from the implications of the LASPO Act, which involved a significant amount of lobbying the Government and speaking to my MP about the issue.

What do you think will be growth opportunities for the legal profession over the next couple of years?
I believe that firms such as Roberts Jackson who are specialists in their field and niche practices will be the firms that potential clients will look to use in the future.

What’s been your most enjoyable or high profile recent piece of work?
I believe that all of my cases are equally important and enjoyable. I have recently taken a high value and complex, cumulative back injury case to trial. The Claimant suffered physical and psychiatric injuries, arising out of his employment with the Defendant. I have found this the most enjoyable piece of work that I have carried out recently, owing to the level of satisfaction that my client has expressed.

What inspires you when it comes to your work?
New challenges. Disease is an ever-changing area of law. With new diseases continually emerging, I have the opportunity to expand my knowledge on a daily basis.

Do you work by a particular mantra or motto in your business life?
Client care is of paramount importance. I believe that training and passing knowledge onto others is vital to the success of any fee-earner.

Can you give one piece of professional advice to your peers?
Be fearless in the face of litigation. The client’s needs are the most important factor of any case.