Why work here?

BCL is the UK’s leading regional legal recruiter because we are and always have been a team.

We're preferred recruiters for many clients, so you get plenty of vacancies to work with. You'll also discover that candidates come to BCL as the first choice in the regions. Our tried and trusted formula really works – follow it and you’ll hit then most likely exceed your targets, and enjoy a varied range of exceptional rewards.

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What's Great About Life at BCL Legal?

BCL has been recognised as being one of The Sunday Times Best 100 Small Companies to Work For. Here are some of the reasons why:

Brand, Clients, Candidates

BCL Legal is a market leader in legal recruitment. This means you will benefit from working with great clients (often as a Preferred Supplier) and be the recruiter of choice for the best candidates. The stage is set for you to thrive here.


We offer highly competitive basic salaries, and a transparent, uncapped bonus scheme. Additionally, we hold exciting incentive events and trips. We also offer a comprehensive benefits programme.


Paths to promotion are also transparent, and merit based - if you hit objective performance measures and display defined behaviours, you will be promoted.

Tools, Tech and Process

At BCL we give you the tools to succeed. Our database is big and brilliant - it provides you with an unparalleled ability to deliver for clients. We invest heavily in tech - you will enjoy a competitive advantage here.

Learning & Development and Awards

We are proud to have been recognised as one of "The Sunday Times Best 100 Small Companies to Work For" in 2016 and 2017. That's partly because we have market leading learning & development programmes and provide our people with ongoing support and coaching.


Our leaders work actively in the business, leading by example. They give to the business, not take from it. We have a strong work ethic, but you set your goals and metrics. You'll be treated like an adult here, but you need to behave like one.

Challenge and Job Content

You will work with leading law firms and companies on roles and projects of significant strategic impact - engaging with them to devise and deliver effective solutions. You will help talented legal professionals fulfil their ambitions- in doing so you will grow your own business and be rewarded.


It's all about the win-win at BCL. We're happy to discuss flexible working patterns which meet the needs of the business and your personal needs, whether that be remote working or flexible hours.


You will be provided with an environment in which you can flourish, where you set your goals, where you will be trained and coached to perform to realise your potential. What's more our people and offices are fantastic!

Your Background

Principally, we recruit people who come from one of three work backgrounds. In each case, we will stand with you and help you make the transition to BCL Legal; in each case, we have successful people here who have taken the same path - so you'll be in good company.

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What We Can Offer You

We have many people at BCL Legal who have joined us from law firms, including Addleshaw Goddard, Eversheds, Hempsons, Hill Dickinson, Barlow Lyde & Gilbert, Halliwells and Pannone as well as a number of smaller firms. Often, but not always, these people had simply reached a stage where they felt that the Law was not for them – that they wanted a career which provided them with more people contact, more opportunity to develop business and lead client relationships, greater variety, more autonomy, a better work/life balance and earnings potential (we would contend that a good recruiter can and does earn more than a good lawyer). They felt, and rightly so, that a career in legal recruitment would allow them to leverage the value of their experience in the legal profession whilst also opening up a new, exciting career path. And that’s exactly what we can offer you – a fresh start in an environment better suited to your skills and aspirations. The Law can provide great intellectual challenge, of course. Well, with BCL you might find yourself consulting with a major law firm with plans to “Northshore” its operations; or a Big 4 Accountancy firm looking to grow its Legal services; a FTSE 250 company looking for a new Head of Legal, or a smaller firm needing to make a critical appointment which would be pivotal to its succession planning. They will look to you to consult with them, devise and deliver a solution – a solution you need to price and manage through to conclusion. Similarly, you will be working intimately with candidates and helping them to make moves which advance their careers and/or meet particular personal needs. You help people improve the quality of their lives – that can be tremendously rewarding. Money? We have a clear, transparent, achievable, uncapped bonus scheme – you can earn more as a recruiter than you might have as a lawyer. We appreciate it’s a big change to make, but no matter where you are in that decision making process, talk to us – we can provide you with honest advice and counsel to help you make the right decision for you and those you hold dear.

How We Can Support Your Transition

As stated above, we have a number of people at BCL Legal who have made the move you are contemplating – you will be in good company and safe hands. You understand the legal profession, so our job is to help harness the innate skills you have and apply them in recruitment. We take our responsibility to you seriously and you will be given in depth training to help you excel as a recruiter. Furthermore, you will be provided with a Mentor and buddy (most likely a former lawyer) to help you make the transition, while your Manager will provide you with weekly coaching and feedback. Equally important, at BCL Legal you will be given the tools, tech and process to excel. Our database provides you with the platform to do your job well; we invest in technology so that you have every competitive advantage and our processes help you to discover clients’ and candidates needs and deliver against those needs – in other words we have a method which paves the way to success. Finally, without wishing to sound arrogant, we are a market leader – firms and companies come to us to meet their needs, candidates come to us first, we are very well represented on preferred supplier lists. With this solid platform in place, your risk is reduced and you will have an environment in which you can succeed.

Hear from Others Who Have Transitioned to BCL Legal from the Law

What We Can Offer You

We’re interested in hearing from recruiters with at least a couple of years under their belts and who have made the commitment to this industry. Temp or Perm, we’d love to hear from you regardless of your sector experience. So what can we offer you? Warm Desks, a Strong Client Base and PSL Dominance – we are a market leading legal recruitment consultancy. Law firms of all shapes and sizes come to us to help them meet our recruitment needs. As such, many of the openings we have are on warm desks where we have clients and data. There is barely a PSL out there which we are not on. So whilst you will develop new business at BCL, this is not a cold calling environment. The Tools to Do Your Job – our database is superb, it allows you to work vacancies quickly and effectively. We invest in technology, SEO and digital promotion so that you can compete effectively. We invest in local legal communities by working with the likes of Junior lawyer groups. We have a Central Services team which carries a lot of your administrative burden. Therefore we deliver because we have over 1000 new candidate registrations a month, because our monthly newsletter goes to over 90,000 subscribers, because our own website is one of the sector’s leading job boards. Clear Commission and Career Paths – the goal posts don’t move at BCL, the commission is clear, fair and uncapped. Meet your goals, live by our values and the pathways to promotion are there for you. It’s a positive environment – make no mistake, we work hard. However, you set your own metrics and you’ll be given autonomy to run your own business. We live by our values and believe in creating win–wins that work for you and BCL. You will be treated like an adult, but be expected to behave like one.

How We Can Support Your Transition

Firstly, we recognise that it can be a challenging transition. Part of our success is down to following a process and maintaining good data – that can be unfamiliar for some recruiters. Don’t worry, we have helped others manage this shift and we will coach and support you through this change. If you are not from a legal/legal recruitment background, we will train you on the whys and wherefores of our sector (not nearly as daunting as one might think).

Hear from Others Who Have Transitioned to BCL Legal from other recruiters

What We Can Offer You

Some of our most successful people come from neither recruitment or the Law. We’d like to hear from you if you are currently working in some sort of sales and/or service related role and you are looking for something a more rewarding. If this sounds like you, read on…

What We Can Offer You

This really depends on your particular circumstances and aspirations, so please refer to our Why Us? section for more information. However, whatever your background, we will provide you with intensive induction training so that you learn the essentials of recruitment and the legal profession. Additionally, a career in recruitment can offer tremendous financial reward, intellectual challenge, an office based environment, work life balance and the opportunity to work with bright, personable and often really quite funny people! In particular, BCL Legal, as market leaders, can offer a brand, the data, the tools and the processes for you to excel.

How We Can Support Your Transition

You will be trained in recruitment and on understanding the legal profession. You will benefit from weekly one to one sessions with your Manager and you will be partnered with a mentor and buddy. There are a number of recruiters here who have come from non Legal, non recruitment backgrounds and you will be in good company as you make the transition to our industry. If you come to us with the character and desire to succeed and if you have the intellectual ability to learn and adapt, we will invest in you and your success.

Hear from Others Who Have Transitioned to BCL Legal from another industry

Our Values

The values we believe in and follow at BCL are integral to everything we do. They’re what make us a stand-out team, and a rewarding place to work.

POSITIVE and work for the good of the TEAM

  • Everyone has a responsibility for setting a positive tone in the office
  • At BCL it is OK to make mistakes


  • We are passionate about doing the best job possible for our law firm clients and lawyer candidates
  • We support each other and work as a team
  • Legal recruitment is competitive - work together to provide unbeatable service.


  • Our Clients
  • Our Candidates
  • Each other
  • Ourselves
  • The business

Delivering equal opportunities

We think it’s a basic right that everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential. Our Equal Opportunities Policy eliminates all forms of discrimination, and applies to our own recruitment as well as the work we do for clients and candidates.


We’re a Sunday Times Best Small Company to Work For: 2016, 2017, 2018