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Should I apply for a new job?

  • Emma Delli-Bovi

There are various factors to take into account when deciding to apply for a new role but with the market being as competitive as it is, bear in mind, prospective employers are now more likely to be inclusive rather than exclusive when considering applications for jobs. The reality of the current market means they cannot afford to hold out for a candidate who fits the mould exactly and on this basis we...


Being an in-house temp has never been so lucrative! - Rising day rates and an abundance of contract work...

  • Craig Wilson

Coinciding with a lack of talent at the junior-mid level, we are seeing a steady increase in the volume of temporary assignments being taken up by lawyers with experience in advance of the stated level of PQE and above the initial budgeted salary. Most employers come to market with a budget and PQE range in mind for a particular hire.  They benchmark the role, assess the level and work involved, and...


Authority in Silence – Last GDPR thoughts before R-Day (Regulation)

  • Mike Huggins

The great dawn of personal information security is coming upon us, no longer will companies be able to unnecessarily store or process data without explicit consent from individuals. In my opinion this is one foot onto the path of users ending up getting paid for their data and to use services such as Facebook.  We`ve seen an uplift in companies needing data privacy lawyers to conform to both present and...


Salah, De Bruyne and How Mourinho has Ruined My Life

  • Rob Barklamb

I’m a lifelong Chelsea fan. I have to say lifelong, so I can underline that I am not some Johnny Come Lately glory hunter.  And we all know they all support City now, in any case. It’s been a hard and disappointing season for Chelsea, brightened only by the prospect of an FA Cup Final against Manchester United, now managed by Chelsea’s former Manager, Jose Mourinho, the man who has ruined my...


The most common interview question and how to answer it!

  • Nick Fear

Regardless of your level of seniority or industry sector, regardless of the role you are interviewing for or the style of interview one question comes up again and again. It’s a seemingly small question that can have a massive impact on the interview and it is a question that the majority of people handle badly. Why are you interested in working for us? One of the most common errors is for...


Why being honest about your notice period is important

  • Joanna Marklove

Have you ever had a bad day at work and thought about walking out the door and never coming back? Or, you might have had a more considered approach and contacted a recruiter to help you with your job search. Whichever action you have decided to take, you have likely thought about handing in your notice and dreaded the thought of working for another month or three at a job that you want to leave. Here...


One of the biggest barriers to finding a new job for some people is…

  • Alison McKee

  I work across all levels of the market and with lawyers who work in a variety of environments.  Some of these environments are more flexible than others and never is this more evident than when it comes to arranging interviews. Having discussed your motivations, then discussed a specific opportunity which fits the bill, and then having spoken with the client, one of our biggest challenges is...


For recruitment to work, recruiting client and recruiter need to work in partnership.

  • Mark Levine

BCL Legal has just been dis-instructed on a role. Why? Read on... After trying to recruit directly the organisation accepted our offer of assistance – on a ‘no placement, no fee’ basis. We got to work immediately with a time line that looked like this: March

  • 1st: First discussions of the role with the client, search of appropriate lawyers starts immediately
  • 2nd: Example CVs sent to...


Why should I speak to my recruiter?

  • Ria Karnik

Some people view the relationship between candidate and recruitment consultant as purely transactional – you tell us to send your CV, we help you get an interview and we tell you about any offers that you may get. You may find it frustrating when your recruiter wants to have an introductory chat or coffee with you first; wants to understand why you are looking, what is it that you want to change, what...


Alternative careers for solicitors – do you need one?

  • Sam Vincent

Work-life balance is a phrase that is discussed so much in the legal industry it has almost become a cliché. Solicitors talk about it, stress its importance and sometimes joke about their failure to achieve it. Working in the law can take its toll, potentially causing burnout and impacting your quality of life. Most solicitors have experience of asking a colleague or being asked by a colleague “how...