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Who are you trying to fool… just be honest… everything can be sorted except lies

  • Mark Levine

As a recruiter everyday we deal with people, over days, weeks, months and years that adds up to a lot of people. And a lot of ‘changing’ situations. Thankfully the vast majority of the lawyers that we deal with are honest, discerning and caring individuals. And when things with these lawyers do go wrong i.e. they turn down job offers after accepting them, although we are left with a very disappointed...


Returning to work after maternity leave: do you have the flexibility you need?

  • Rozie Hunter

12 months off work is a LONG time. I remember my last blog post; I think it was the day before I was due to go off on maternity leave. Full of trepidation, nerves, excitement and genuinely no idea what to expect. It’s been a journey! I had a beautiful baby girl in January last year, and she truly has changed my life for the better. I decided to take the full 12 months off, and that is a decision I am...


The importance of meeting your recruiter

  • Emma Fielding

Nobody knows your business better than you! When we take a brief for a vacancy we make every effort to get to fully understand your requirements and the wider implications to the business. This is important for two reasons, firstly so we can make sure we are entering in to the process with all the information necessary to secure you candidates who are right for the role and secondly so that when we...


Which area of law should I qualify into?

  • Angharad Warren

 When you first decided to pursue a career in law, you probably wouldn’t have thought as far down the line as which specific area of law you wanted to qualify into (as an ex-solicitor I know I didn’t!).  It was probably enough to focus on getting through your degree, (GDL), LPC and securing a highly competitive training contract!  However, as we once again start heading towards March and September 2018...


North-South Divide

  • Katherine Scarff

It’s been a busy month in the world of recruitment, the market is moving lots people open to new opportunities, it’s definitely new year new me. I have also spoken with a lot of people who are based in the South and for one reason or another, are looking to relocate up North. The question is if you are thinking the same, are you really ready for it? Have you got accommodation sorted? Have you thought...


What Questions will you be asked in an interview?

  • Henry Bain

So you’ve secured the interview, you’ve read through your CV and you are about to go in….but have you thought about what they are going to ask you? If you were interviewing at Oxbridge they might ask you something like “Ladybirds are red.  So are strawberries. Why?”  Thankfully these questions are confined to such situations and are very unlikely to surprise you at your job interview (although please...


Why are my employees leaving?

  • Sam Vincent

This is a question I am sure many of you ask, when a flurry of notices land on your desk…? Why do people quit? What is so wrong that it is making people want to leave? A large multi-national PLC, recently conducted an analysis of workers who remained and those who left, they discovered that those who stayed were far more likely to enjoy their work, feel like their jobs utilised their strengths and...


How to ask for a pay rise

  • Emma Delli-Bovi

I recently got into a debate with a friend of mine over whether she should get a pay rise because she had been loyal to that particular company for another year. Her main argument, in a nutshell being, that your loyalty should be reflected in your salary….. Whilst her argument and request for said pay rise was based upon some additional factors one of the key points upon which she was asking for more...


Specialist legal recruiters in Birmingham

  • Chloe Matthews

Unique selling points (“USPs”) are something that every business/brand/company is keen to promote. As lawyers I am sure that the firm you work for has its own USPs. Perhaps it’s the type of work you do, the sectors you work in, the awards you have won, or the working environment. Or in many cases a combination of all of these things. USP is a marketing concept first proposed as a theory to explain a...


Interview Preparation

  • Ria Karnik

So you updated your CV, we’ve had a chat and ascertained what is driving your search and we have identified some options with firms that could provide you that next step in your career. We agree that I, as your recruitment consultant, will approach the firms with your CV, and we secure you an interview! So far, it’s all going swimmingly and you’re looking forward to meeting with the Partners and...