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Interim positions: the importance of embedding yourself quickly for immediate impact

  • Tom Shaw

Interim roles present unique and diverse challenges that differ greatly from their permanent counterparts, and with the introduction of GDPR we’ve seen an increase in the volume and urgency of these positions within the in-house sector.

Know your strengths

For in-house lawyers interested in locum roles it’s important to understand it’s a case of ‘hit the ground running.’ Some in-house lawyers are...


How to answer: ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’

  • Nick Fear

One of the fundamental purposes (of an interview) for an interviewer is getting to know the lawyer candidate better: to understand what makes them tick as an individual, learn their career ambitions and gauge how committed they're going to be to in the role. This can be challenging when the lawyer is nervous or guarded – usually in an attempt to uphold a professional barrier. As a result, it’s not...


The Sheffield legal market: for job seeking lawyers and paralegals

  • Joanna Leaver

Sheffield is on the up. The steel industry that put Sheffield on the map may be long gone, but like many Northern cities, it's undergoing a transformation in a bid to reinvent itself. I absolutely love the city, which is why I’m so passionate about recruiting for lawyers within the area or those looking to relocate.   Sheffield offers fantastic support to opportunities and excellent quality work that...


Take the stress out of your first interview… and your first date?

  • Gishan Abeyratne

In a previous blog I drew parallels between using a recruiter and online dating. Dating is always a fun and often interesting conversation amongst my friends. We’re now at an age where most are either married or getting married and having children or having more children, while some of us are still either on the hunt for that special someone or simply just keeping calm and carrying on with single-dom....


Why you should build and continue a relationship with a recruiter for the longevity of your career

  • Mark Levine

I received a call from a senior lawyer/Head of Legal a month or so ago. With some urgency, they wanted to know what Head of Legal roles in the North West were available to them. Having had no contact for 10 years, I needed to ask some questions to ascertain the skills and experience they’d gained over this period.

Question time

Every in-house lawyer gains different experience, and without knowing...


Taking the plunge - my journey into legal recruitment

  • Jessica Holt

Working hard for the dream

Work experience, a three year law degree, a vacation placement, one year of the LPC, a two year training contract – all gearing you up for that day when you finally qualify as a solicitor. The above will sound familiar to most newly qualified solicitors. And for some NQs, you might’ve experienced a few years working as a paralegal in addition to the above! I started my...


The top reasons why your law firm is losing good lawyers

  • Angharad Warren

Lawyer retention is a priority for most law firms. Replacing good lawyers is difficult and costly. Also, change is unsettling to a firm’s teams (and the firm as a whole). So why do so many good lawyers who are progressing well at their firm and appear to be highly successful in their careers, move on? As legal recruitment consultants, we always strive to gain a clear understanding of a candidate’s...


What do I tell my recruiter if I’ve changed my mind after accepting a job offer?

  • Emma Delli-Bovi

In an ideal world, your job search should go a bit like this… You decide you want to leave your job. You attend an interview for another job and you quite like it. They like you and they offer you the role; you accept and everyone lives happily ever after. A great situation, right? Maybe, if we’re talking about ‘people’ in video games and The Sims…   What happens when you introduce real people to...


Top 5 things conveyancers love about conveyancing

  • Katherine Scarff

Every day I speak to conveyancers who are eager to move jobs. This is due to various reasons: relocation, the job role, the team set up… the list goes on. But in terms of the discipline and job itself, what do conveyancers love about their role? Why does a conveyancer do what they do? There are many reasons but below are some of the most common I come across:

  1. Helping people through a journey....


How can I secure an interview?

  • Ria Karnik

Once you've made the decision to find a new job, the next step is making sure you get the opportunity to meet with a range of firms that interest you. You want to be sure you've extensively explored the market/what’s on offer to you. Firstly, this ensures you’re making an informed decision. Secondly, it can help clarify (in your own mind) what’s driving your job search. So, how do you go about...