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Should you interview candidates who don't match your criteria?

  • Bhavisha Duggal

Brexit and government reforms have been hot topics for over two years now. Although nothing’s set in stone, it’s started to dictate the economy, and both the private and public sectors.

Impact on the legal market

As a legal recruitment consultant, I’ve noticed that despite the uncertainty; the new personal injury reforms to be introduced in the new year; and the nerves related to the unknown – how...


The benefits of updating your legal recruiter, even if you’re not looking!

  • Emma Delli-Bovi

Let me tell you, as a legal recruitment consultant, I’ve built a thick skin. I must leave hundreds of voicemail messages a day and send bags of emails to individuals that go ignored. Sometimes I can understand why people don’t respond - the most obvious reason: they’re not actively looking for a new job.

What’ve you got to lose?

Despite not wanting a job, what’ve you got to lose by answering a call...


How do you know if it's the right time to move jobs?

  • Catherine Henry

When’s the right time if you don’t have any time in the first place? You want a new job but you’re mega busy! There’s the day-to-day grind where you barely find a minute to yourself. Then there’s the kids and family; you need to sort out a routine for school holiday cover. Maybe you’ll wait until you get back from your summer holiday, in fact, maybe you’ll wait until Christmas is out of the way....


Why it's so hard to fill 2-4 year PQE* lawyer roles, and how are other businesses finding a solution to the problem?

  • Mark Levine

I’ve been asked this question many times over the past couple of years! This is my answer.

The background to the problem

When the financial crises struck in 2009 we saw a lack of investment by law firms in training lawyers into commercial/corporate disciplines (including commercial property). Given there was little work in this area it didn’t make sense for the law firms to produce the...


Should I stop looking for a job during the Christmas period?

  • James Grayston

The Black Friday craziness has been and gone, Christmas is around the corner and I’m asked by lawyer candidates left, right and centre: should I stop looking for a job during the Christmas period or should I keep looking? Obviously, the Christmas period is a great time to relax, unwind and enjoy some quality time with friends and family, and although the hiring process inevitably slows down at this...


'Moneyball' and recruitment: the search for undervalued talent

  • Craig Wilson

A recent article in Quartz Online: ‘How to recruit for hard to fill positions’, proposed employers should ‘learn from Moneyball and search for undervalued talent’. Whilst the topic of the article is rather US-centric, and not specifically focused on the legal sector, it raises a number of useful points that are relevant for consideration right here in the UK, and it also poses some interesting...


Why an increase of in-house lawyers are choosing to work on an interim basis

  • Olivia Collicott

Largely driven by a need to be more cost-efficient, in-house legal teams are more frequently seeking lawyers to work ‘on an interim basis’, and lawyers are becoming more comfortable with the concept of accepting a contract on a rolling or fixed-term basis. This is supported by law firms who offer their own flexible ‘in-house resource’ models in response to widespread changes across the legal industry,...


As a lawyer candidate, do you have the ‘X-Factor’?

  • Nick Fear

It’s that time of year again: the nation’s hopeful sharpen their vocal muscles and compete for a shot at the big time. What always interests me, is that those contestants who make it to the final few, have effectively made it. All the way back to the Pop Idol days, the individuals and groups who came second or third have had equal chance to release records; often doing better than the winners!

What are...


Trust your instincts and question ulterior motives: thoughts on the ‘buyback’

  • Tom Shaw

A short while ago I assisted a global business seeking a junior lawyer to develop. The business is impressive, the legal team even more so; with a recruiting Head of Legal who has a genuine passion for facilitating employee development. The package on offer was robust and fair, the location was handy for commuting and there was a real opportunity to get involved in complex and exciting work from the...


Can I reapply for a job at a firm I was previously rejected from?

  • Angharad Warren

The short answer is 'yes'! This is acceptable in a majority of cases provided a sufficient amount of time’s elapsed since your last application. For me, the worst part of my job is when I have to tell lawyers they’ve been ‘unsuccessful’ - particularly a candidate who really wants the job. This can be after the initial application, the first interview, or worst, after the second or third interview –...