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Looking for a fresh start in 2015?

  • Nick Carroll

The preparation for a career change usually starts long before the clock strikes midnight on New Years’ eve. Securing a new role can take some time, so now is the time to start considering what actions you will need to take. If a new job is on the agenda it’s key top start the ball rolling before the new year rush. Contrary to popular belief, clients are hiring now. A good place to start would be...


In the words of The Beautiful South… “I need a little time, to think it over…”

  • Rozie Hunter

Ok – a tenous link, but hopefully it will get you reading. Recruitment these days (in the majority of cases) is a pretty fast paced world. It certainly is on my desk at the moment. Candidates are coming off the market as quickly as they are coming on it. This post really applies to both candidates and clients. As recruiters, it is so hard for us to predict how long interview processes may take. It...


Because you’re worth it

  • Joanna Marklove

When we speak to candidates, 90% of the time when we ask why they are looking to move, their first answer is money. I agree this is a really important factor for many, given the past few years have seen a really tough market with higher living costs for longer hours, so we have to manage the candidates expectations on what they should be asking for. Obviously we cannot comment on each individual...


Why the most costly and ‘involved' recruitment processes actually mean company’s lose out in the race for talent!

  • Mark Levine

The following illustration will answer this question! A PLC organisation recruited its first General Counsel 6 months ago called us on the 3rd November looking to build the team with a senior commercial lawyer. This is how the process and timetable ran: Day 1: HR contacts BCL Legal Day 2: General Counsel briefs BCL Legal on both the job but also the required personality. (This brings the role...


Charity begins at home

  • Paul Warburton

The Christmas season in the legal world is in full swing and with that brings an array of black tie and fancy functions as well as a large number of awards dinners which celebrate (quite rightly) the varying successes of law firms, businesses and key individuals in the North West legal and business communities. As reported by Louisa Phillips last week saw the ever popular Insider Dealmakers awards in...


It’s not true!

  • Georgina Inson

Something happened to me the other day which hasn’t happened for some time. No, not that. An acquaintance approached me in the gym and after the usual pleasantries had been exchanged he said “You’re a lawyer aren’t you?’” It was a loaded question and my response “‘technically yes, but I haven’t practised as a lawyer for some time” didn’t act as the deterrent I was hoping it would. I heard a long winded...


How has the job search landscape changed over the past two decades?

  • bcl

The evolution of job searching over the past 20 years

Job hunting has changed dramatically over the last two decades, predominantly due to the increased use of technology by both recruitment companies and their potential candidates. In the 1990s, job seekers had to divide their time between visiting recruiters, searching in the windows of local businesses and scouring through newspapers for suitable...


Is working in the law the best way to make your career recession-proof?

  • Craig Wilson

An article in The Telegraph on Monday 24th November made interesting reading. According to the article titled ‘Is being a lawyer the way to make your career recession-proof?’, more than one-third (35%) of lawyers believe their careers are recession-proof. The findings from an exhaustive survey done by private bank, Investec, found less than half of law professionals said job opportunities were...