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What are Partners looking for?

  • Annette Hinchcliffe

Law firms are looking for so much more than a solicitor in the interview process. They are looking for an all rounder with business acumen, commercial nous and a personality that will charm and entertain clients. There has been a change in interview techniques. Partners are assessing candidates in a different way and appear to be more impressed with candidates who are creative and fun. I imagine...


A guide to working as a temporary document review lawyer

  • bcl

What is Document Review? Document review is when lawyers and paralegals examine documents relevant to pending litigation and regulatory investigations. It is quite often the most labour intensive stage of litigation. Teams of lawyers and paralegals will analyse the documents for key information. The review process often consists of several stages. Quite often the first review involves analysing the...

BCL Legal

Don’t be afraid to compromise

  • Matt Robinson

Some of you may well be avid viewers of the Channel 4 show Location, Location, Location. Others, like me, will no doubt have the programme forced upon by your other half or friends but, whilst watching yet any other episode recently it occurred to me that one of the underlying themes is that of compromise. When I was first venturing onto the property market all those years ago a friend of mine, who...


What we really do...

  • Rozie Hunter

We have all seen the photos go around on facebook with various pictures depicting “what my friends think I do”, “what my mum thinks I do”, what “society thinks I do” etc. I thought I would dig a little deeper into the life of a recruiter and talk about “what we really do”. Its not all about firing CVs out left right and centre and hoping they stick – which can often be a ‘myth’ associated with...


Is there something missing…?

  • Victoria Noble

I have had an interesting few days to say the least! I have been going around with no glasses as mine have vanished into thin air. I have my suspicions that my six year old has conveniently hidden them somewhere whilst using them as some sort of dress up. The reason I believe she is behind this comes from the time my remote controls went missing and we were stuck on the same channel for three days until...


Counter offers – “too little, too late”?

  • Craig Wilson

The Recruitment Grapevine ran an article this week which featured statistics indicating that counter offers are becoming more common in specialised fields of work, despite concerns about employees’ long term commitments to their jobs. Interestingly however many counter offers are “too little, too late”. The article which covered Tech, Construction & Engineering and Legal professionals found that, in...


Life After Maternity Leave

  • Joanne Lack

I have recently returned to work after 6 months maternity leave and speak from experience when I say it can be traumatic particularly if it’s your first child. The organisation that must go into that first day is huge, and that’s before you even get to your desk! Keep in touch days are brilliant but nothing can really prepare you for that first day back in the office, but there are a few ways to make...

BCL Legal

Does an in house legal career beckon?...don’t let you legal discipline put you off

  • Joanne McKernan

Happy New Year I hope that during your New Years’ considerations, you have given some thought to whether a role as an in house lawyer may be for you. Should you be starting out in your career, you may believe, that in order to be considered for a career as an in house lawyer, it is paramount that you have at some stage following qualification focussed on commercial law. Whilst it is not at all...


BCL Legal’s 2015 Careers Talks confirmed in conjunction with the Leeds JLD

  • bcl

So another year is upon us and another wave of solicitors will soon be qualified. BCL Legal’s 2015 careers talks in conjunction with the Leeds JLD will be held at Tiger Tiger in Leeds on Tuesday 24th February. We are delighted to announce our confirmed speakers are Morag Joyce, Real Estate Partner at DAC Beachcroft and Alistair Maiden, Senior Commercial Lawyer at Asda. We’ll be providing career...