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Is there any flexibility… in relation to your perfect candidate?

  • Joanne McKernan

I have had a conversation recently with a client who was looking to find a lawyer with between 1 and 3 years PQE with fairly a niche mixture of legal experience to join the company’s in house team. There were certain factors that were going to make this appointment more difficult than normal; in particular the location; the varied location of the current legal team and the specific skill set required...


Changes in criminal legal aid

  • Joanna Marklove

We have recently been speaking to the market about the upcoming changes to criminal practice and how this will impact on the market over the coming months. There has been so much publicity and outcry from the community of criminal lawyers surrounding this with fears the changes including price-competitive tendering for legal aid contracts undermining Britain's reputation for upholding...

BCL Legal

Transition to legal recruitment

  • Bernie Corry

I started at BCL Legal in September 2014 and I must admit this has been the best decision I have made for a long time as far as job opportunities are concerned. I have been given the support and guidance needed for me to succeed. I first started here as a Database Administrator working as part of a team keeping the database updated and fresh, I found this job satisfying and it was a great way of keeping...


A day in the life of a Team Assistant

  • Lisa Dowling

Before life working in recruitment I was accustomed to assisting people having a great time on their holidays overseas where you would work hard and party hard. After relocating back to the UK I started my first job in recruitment in 2004 and I have been working in the industry ever since. I certainly don’t party as hard but the rewards of working hard at BCL Legal has taken me on fine dining...


London - Corporate trends

  • Paul Warburton

It is inherent in the nature of being a legal recruiter that we are avid fans and followers of the legal and business press. Trends both within the corporate and finance markets translate (if not immediately in due course) directly to what is seen on the ground within corporate teams. London often provides the first litmus test with the ripples then felt out into the region. The London corporate...

BCL Legal

The difficulties of recruiting from the Generation Y talent pool

  • Stephanie Clark

In recent years, discussions around the topic of Generations X & Y and their respective characteristics and expectations as employees have become increasingly common. Whether in technology, education, social life or working environment, every generation seems to bring with it a higher expectation of its surroundings.  The light in which these groups demonstrate their differences most clearly is within...


Workplace Culture

  • Mary Nowell

I have been described as cynical. It is therefore with some surprise that I find myself writing a blog on culture; its existence in the workplace, its importance for both candidate and client and, crucially, how as the market becomes more competitive organisations must begin to create an ‘identity’ and as such a unique culture (and by definition a selling point). So what is this allusive culture?...


Do the maths…then things will add up and fall into place.

  • Victoria Noble

When considering a move into a new role it is important to have done the math into how this would affect you and perhaps your family. This may sound like an obvious thing to do of course you know the level of salary you would need, perhaps comparing this to what you are currently earning, or what you would need to pay the mortgage, bills etc. However, it may surprise you that some times it is only...

BCL Legal

A question of quality

  • Nick Carroll

Having started work at the tender age of 16 as an office junior in a barristers’ chambers in Manchester, one thing that I became accustomed to early in my working life was that of quality. Being teleported pretty much directly from a Salford college into Chambers was quite a shock to the system. Pigeon holes, wigs, pin stripe suits and people speaking in a way that the kids at the local college I had...


Every dog has its day

  • Georgina Inson

Going to university for some is to embrace higher education and extend their knowledge in their chosen degree subject. For others, the actual education bit is a necessary evil and is very much secondary to having fun, dossing about and drinking to excess whilst trying not to get thrown off their course for failure to attend, failure to submit coursework or dismally failing exams. There are those vomit...