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A Positive Attitude

  • Joanna Marklove

I know this is something which we all hear and at times just dismiss as we think, “it’s easy for you to say, I’m having a bad day…” but recently I attended a seminar on positivity and leadership and it has really made me think…! I have never heard of this guy Marcus Child before and so didn’t really give it much thought as I didn’t know what to expect, but after listening to him for an hour I was...


CV inaccuracies – thoughts to consider

  • Craig Wilson

A recent report from First Advantage - a pre-employment screening company - has shown that roughly one-in-four (27.2%) CVs have inaccuracies and roughly one-third (32%) of these have “major” discrepancies – meaning they raise significant cause for concern for an employer. The report goes on to add that the highest level (35.2%) of inaccuracies was found in candidates’ education history, whilst almost...


The Art and Wisdom of the Blog

  • bcl

I appreciate that it is somewhat strange to discuss the world of the blog in a blog. A little like a film about films (think, Sunset Boulevard) or a book about books (er can’t think of one of those!). However I have recently been enjoying the blogs of Rebecca Morgan on her website lawyerinthemaking.co.uk one of many young lawyers embarking on the difficult path of a legal career who find solace and...


Handling pressure and stress

  • Nick Fear

As the world continues to wake up from the worst recession in living memory, the regions commercial law firms seem to be getting busier and busier. The problem seems to be particularly acute in real estate, corporate and finance teams as businesses continue to try and exploit opportunities to grow and develop. The net result is the Partners and Solicitors alike are under massive pressure from clients,...

BCL Legal

With the Jackson reforms having been in place for well over a year, which section of the legal profession has emerged as a winner?

  • Matt Robinson

I don't mean Claimants or Defendants. Nor do I wish to touch upon the whole access to justice issue that has had an abundance of coverage, some of which has provided excellent analysis. From a purely "employee benefit" perspective, which area has benefited from the reforms? We know that Claimant litigators/fee earners have borne the brunt of the reforms. With a reduction in the level of costs that...


Conveyancing Awards….Winners announced

  • Catherine Henry

We were delighted to be sponsoring the LFS Conveyancing Awards last night. The night was a great success proving yet again the strength in the conveyancing market with new entrants securing many of the coveted awards. Yorkshire stalwart Ramsdens won Yorkshire & North East Regional Conveyancing Firm of the Year and the and the prestigious Overall Conveyancing Firm award. The judges commented on its...


"Thank you for your application, but..." - the frustration of being a law graduate

  • Rozie Hunter

"Thank you for applying for this vacancy, unfortunately as you have no experience for this position we are unable to take your application further" How many times have LLB and LPC grads heard this? Sometimes you can apply for 100 jobs and they all come back with the same reply – sometimes even no reply at all. But how are you supposed to get experience with no experience? Surely this is a chicken and...


Can you be too honest in recruitment...

  • Mark Levine

Having just lost out on the opportunity to assist a UK business looking for its first time lawyer, I think the answer is yes!! The US legal team was recommended to BCL Legal by the law firm they use in the UK to help them with their recruitment of an in-house lawyer for the UK and Europe. After an initial discussion with the US lawyers about the in house legal landscape in the UK and in particular...


The technical test at interview – What it takes to Pass!

  • Bhavisha Duggal

The technical test at interview – What it takes to Pass! I specialise in insurance and personal injury recruitment across the Midlands, South West, Home Counties and across some parts of Hampshire and represent candidates in securing their next career move, be it in clinical negligence, professional negligence, property damage, costs or defendant/claimant personal injury. It is well known that when...