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Top Tips for Job Seekers in the New Year

  • Georgie Willisford

As 2017 has ended and we say hello to 2018, we start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and everything that we want to achieve. Will one of your goals be to find a new job? If so, January would be a great time to start working on this! A company’s main goal is growth and this will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the beginning of the New Year. And, what goes hand in hand with business...


So what does 2018 look like for employment lawyers?

  • Catherine Henry

One of the big changes of 2017 was the ruling made by the Supreme Court to scrap employment tribunal claims following UNISONs landmark victory against the government earlier this year. The Supreme Court overturned decisions by the High Court in 2013 and the Court of Appeal in 2015. Anyone who has been treated illegally and unfairly at work will no longer have to pay to take their employers to court...


Star Wars

  • Gishan Abeyratne

Last week the world held its breath as the much anticipated 8th instalment of the Star Wars franchise was released in cinemas globally. At a minute past midnight I was there for the first showing. Despite what some critics have said, gleefully I must say that the hype and anticipation were entirely warranted, this film did not disappoint! This film is part of trilogy that was announced in 2012. We...


The Apprentice – Zelda from Terrahawks, Girl Bands and Ice Cream

  • Rob Barklamb

OK, I have struggled with this one. As regular readers will know, I spotted Sarah right from the start (it wasn’t hard) and once I got past James’s Loadsamoney bravado, he too seemed a sensible bet. However, I am deeply annoyed that some of those who slogged away for weeks they were actually doomed from the start. For example, Joanna was rejected not because she went around with a face like a...


What I have learnt this year

  • Ria Karnik

Firstly, I have learnt that as you get older, a year goes so much faster! When I was at school, a six week summer holiday seemed to last an age, yet 2017 has seemed like a “blink and you miss it” year! Anyway, moving on….. 2017 has been quite a year for me, not in the sense that there have been many momentous changes but I have definitely learnt a lot about myself. In a (sometimes slightly tenuous) way...


Meghan Markle

  • Nick Fear

As we count down to the end of 2017, Google have released their most searched UK terms of the year, with Meghan Markle coming out on top. As well known as Meghan Markle is for her role in the hit legal drama Suits, other acting work, modelling and humanitarian efforts, I think we can safely put most of her search popularity down to the news of her engagement to Prince Harry. In a year where barely a...


‘Tis the Season…

  • Juliet Lawson

Most people will have had their Christmas parties by now but if yours is still beckoning, I’ve read a few things recently about appropriate behaviour at the works do and who is held responsible if things go wrong… Do… - Feel free to avail yourself of the free bar and get really quite tipsy, especially if the bosses have given you the go-ahead to ‘fill your boots’ - Throw some interesting shapes...


Good news for first time buyers

  • Emma Fielding

Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced during the 2017 Autumn Budget that stamp duty will no longer be payable by first time buyers on properties up to £300,000.00. Hopefully these changes will ease the burden and lessen the up front costs of buying a house and make buying a home a reality for many people who are still living with parents or in rented accommodation. The Treasury estimates that the...


Is Christmas the right time to move?

  • Nick Aiyegbusi

Recently, a number of candidates I’ve spoken too have decided to postpone their search until after the Christmas period. Now I completely understand why this would seem like a good idea at the time, the Christmas period is notoriously busy with candidates using their lunchtimes to do some Christmas shopping or have a wander round the festive markets. In addition to this, holidays are rife in December as...


Should I leave my job?

  • Emma Delli-Bovi

A Gallup poll of more than one million employed US workers, found that the number one reason people quit their jobs is that they don’t like their boss. Apparently the survey determined that 75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their boss and not actually because they disliked the role itself. This is slightly different to another survey conducted in August 2016 by Paychex....