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Good recruiters are superheroes!

  • Rob Barklamb

An interviewee from the legal profession recently asked me what I thought were the top three attributes it took to make a good recruitment consultant (answer to follow), but the bottom line is that a good recruiter is a Superhero, such is the rare blend of three very different characteristics which go to make a great recruiter.  Yes, we may be regarded as a necessary evil, but think on before you take a...


Law firm struggling to hire? How offering flexibility helps you stay competitive

  • James Lovatt

Within my first few weeks in recruitment, one thing became very clear. Competition for talent is rife, and finding and retaining skilled solicitors is difficult. Not being able to attract and retain talent can impact a firm in so many ways. As a start, a shortage of solicitors can create increased pressure on existing staff, which often results in low morale and widespread stress. So, when it comes...


As a conveyancer what roles are available to me if I don’t want to carry a caseload?

  • Emma Fielding

As a recruitment consultant I am often speaking with people who have established a successful career within residential conveyancing but are at a stage where they no longer want the pressures of handling a full case load. Sometimes this has got to the point where they may even be considering leaving the law altogether. There are lots of opportunities out there where the skills gained throughout a...


Do I need to leave the law or leave my firm?

  • Vin Murria

Mo Salah leaving Roma, does a lawyer need to move firms to flourish?   Sometimes things just click don’t they?! Mo Salah at Roma was good. But the Mo Salah at Liverpool, different class.   What a great fit! Now call me a cynic but I don’t think he’s turned into Messi overnight, I do think he’s an excellent player but his form (40 goals this season) is not just down to him but the team around him –...


Should I use a recruiter or do I search for my own job?

  • Grace Homer

When you make the first move to embark on the daunting task of changing jobs, where do you start? Typically typing ‘recruitment’ or ‘law’ or ‘fee earner’ sends your search engine into absolute over drive, you become faced with a sea of job links and you are usually sifting through a mountain of links to find some form of inspiration and direction to the firm and role you are looking for, it mirrors a...


Newly qualified solicitors – how effectively are you running your job search?

  • Juliet Lawson

Well, here we are again, it's NQ season! And in Leeds it seems to be going pretty early this year, no doubt precipitated by the shortage of good candidates at the 1-4PQE level across a wide range of disciplines. And like every year, we see the same issues and problems coming up. We get it. This is the first time you’re looking for a job as a qualified solicitor and this is, for many of you, the first...


Job title vs salary

  • Bhavisha Duggal

I was recently approached by a client who asked for my opinion on introducing the title of ‘Senior Associate’ at their firm.  The suggestion received a mixed response amongst the lawyers at this firm hence why I was approached for an objective yet informed view of whether it was necessary. Given we live in a society identified by titles; Miss, Mr, Mrs, Dr, Professor, even so far as the royal family...


Should I rearrange my interview?

  • Emma Lester

Let’s set the scene – work is flooding in and there aren’t enough hands on deck to cope. You start looking for a new role because things are becoming too much to handle. Applications are made, and interviews start coming through, but when will you fit it in? It’s like a catch 22! This process does not need to be stressful! You will be given specified time slots to choose from or you will be asked for...


Should I apply for a new job?

  • Emma Delli-Bovi

There are various factors to take into account when deciding to apply for a new role but with the market being as competitive as it is, bear in mind, prospective employers are now more likely to be inclusive rather than exclusive when considering applications for jobs. The reality of the current market means they cannot afford to hold out for a candidate who fits the mould exactly and on this basis we...


Being an in-house temp has never been so lucrative! - Rising day rates and an abundance of contract work...

  • Craig Wilson

Coinciding with a lack of talent at the junior-mid level, we are seeing a steady increase in the volume of temporary assignments being taken up by lawyers with experience in advance of the stated level of PQE and above the initial budgeted salary. Most employers come to market with a budget and PQE range in mind for a particular hire.  They benchmark the role, assess the level and work involved, and...