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Road Digging: An Associate’s Tale

  • James Franklin

It's June 2008 on a hazy summer day in the Strand, London. Tourists are flocking and the pigeons from Trafalgar Square have been kicked out by Ken, so are watching from afar as the road worker starts up his pneumatic hammer. Bang! A jolt of electricity strikes the road worker and the hammer stays fixed in the ground. All around him, lights go off, offices shut down and chaos starts as the traffic lights...


How to retain a full team in Manchester’s ‘lawyer short’ legal market

  • Joe Blackburn

From my perspective, the Manchester legal industry is thriving. This became particularly apparent when I attended the Manchester Legal Awards in January where I witnessed an array of firms, (including international, national, regional and smaller) with highly successful operations in the North West. Gone are the days where Manchester-based national and regional firms stand alone; these firms are joined...


BTSS events: the upcoming Secret Garden Party, and the stand out benefits from getting involved with industry networking groups

  • Angharad Warren

The Birmingham Trainee Solicitors' Society (or BTSS as it's more commonly known) is made up of over 300 newly qualified solicitors, trainee solicitors, paralegals and post-graduate law students across Birmingham and the wider West Midlands. As a junior lawyer, there’s no better forum to get to know your peer group and socialise with other young lawyers in Birmingham. Whether you’re training at a...


The reality of flexible working for both lawyer and employer

  • Joanna Marklove

A common question recruiters are asked is: “does the firm [where attending interview] have an agile working policy?” The past five years have seen an increase in demand for flexible working and the option is now a prerequisite for many candidate lawyers. Because of this, firms are having to ditch any archaic attitudes and full-time-only offerings. In turn, this opens the door to different types of...


Reasons clients don’t advance lawyers to the 2nd stage interview/offer

  • Mark Levine

Don’t shoot the messenger – the reasons listed below come directly from the horse’s mouth: feedback we receive from clients!

Lack of preparation

  1. “Not enough research was undertaken into our business.”
  2. “Didn’t give us a reason why the specific role was strongly desired over another one; especially another they’d concurrently interviewed for.”
  3. “Didn’t seem to know their CV – seemingly...


How to hand in your notice and manage the pre-departure period

  • James Grayston

You’ve secured your dream job, you’re on cloud nine and you’re eager to hand in your notice. Life’s good! However, life goes on for your current employer, so it’s important to handle your departure in a professional and considerate manner. So, how should you hand in your notice?

Resignation letter

First and foremost, you need to resign; you should do this once you’ve signed the contract for your new...


Are you a City lawyer considering a move to the regions?

  • Catherine Henry

In May, The Guardian featured an article: ‘How the north of England got its groove back.’ It drew on a study by the Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, who spent 12 months travelling across the North interviewing young people about their hopes and fears. The one topic/discussion point that most interviewees agreed on is that living in London is not an option: it’s too expensive (not...


Interim positions: the importance of embedding yourself quickly for immediate impact

  • Tom Shaw

Interim roles present unique and diverse challenges that differ greatly from their permanent counterparts, and with the introduction of GDPR we’ve seen an increase in the volume and urgency of these positions within the in-house sector.

Know your strengths

For in-house lawyers interested in locum roles it’s important to understand it’s a case of ‘hit the ground running.’ Some in-house lawyers are...


How to answer: ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’

  • Nick Fear

One of the fundamental purposes (of an interview) for an interviewer is getting to know the lawyer candidate better: to understand what makes them tick as an individual, learn their career ambitions and gauge how committed they're going to be to in the role. This can be challenging when the lawyer is nervous or guarded – usually in an attempt to uphold a professional barrier. As a result, it’s not...


The Sheffield legal market: for job seeking lawyers and paralegals

  • Joanna Leaver

Sheffield is on the up. The steel industry that put Sheffield on the map may be long gone, but like many Northern cities, it's undergoing a transformation in a bid to reinvent itself. I absolutely love the city, which is why I’m so passionate about recruiting for lawyers within the area or those looking to relocate.   Sheffield offers fantastic support to opportunities and excellent quality work that...