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What are the benefits of working in a conveyancing role?

  • Emma Fielding

I specialise in legal recruitment across the North West and specifically concentrate on residential conveyancing. Therefore, I spend a lot of my working day talking to conveyancers. Not only that but I used to be a conveyancer, I have conveyancer friends and even my other half is a conveyancer! Because of this, discussions about the job role occur quite a lot: in and outside of work. At work, because...


Why sharing your post-interview feedback is critical if you want the job

  • Mark Levine

“I think the interview went well but you never truly know, do you?” We’re British after all; so just like the restaurant waiter asking whether everything’s OK with your meal – you’ve just discussed this with your dinner partner and agree you’ll NEVER return to the restaurant – you turn to the waiter, smile and reply “yes, lovely thanks!” In my world of helping businesses recruit in-house lawyers,...


What lawyers want: the top 5 changing needs of lawyers in 2018

  • Bhavisha Duggal

Millennials. My own personal experience of this well-educated and well-informed generation is that they’re not afraid to challenge convention and bring about change, which has certainly rubbed off on the more experienced and senior generations! We live in a new age where individuals strive for a good work/life balance no matter their age, but it appears to me that in looking for a new legal job role,...


Is making a counteroffer a wise move for my business?

  • Joe Blackburn

Turnover vs attrition

It’s without a doubt that staff retention should be on every good manager’s mind, whatever their profession. Why? It’s impossible to run an effective business when staff turnover is high; if you keep your existing staff happy they’re likely to turn into long-lasting members of staff who understand your way of working. They’re likely to know your clients and hold do the job well....


Lawshare’s fourth annual conference: ‘Leadership’

  • James Batt

The Manchester legal community is gearing up for the fourth annual Lawshare Conference, bringing together another interactive session chaired by Stuart Cartwright, Partner and Head of Lawshare. I’m delighted to be asked back to join the panel and sit alongside Joy Kingsley (Senior Partner, JMW), Sara Hutton of Sara Hutton Consulting, and Simon McCrum (MD of McCrum Consulting), where we’ll discuss...


The pros and cons of homeworking: how to work out if it's for you or not

  • Holly Dickinson

I specialise in recruitment for residential conveyancing roles and amongst the lawyers and law firms I work with, working from home seems to be one of those ‘Marmite’ topics: you either love it or you hate it. If you’re a ‘hater’, you can’t think of anything worse than sitting on your own all day with no one to talk to. But if you’re a ‘lover’, you see it as an opportunity to maximise your focus and...


What to expect in the first few months as a newly qualified solicitor

  • Angharad Warren

Many newly qualified solicitors are completing their ‘first month on the job' this week, but what comes of having the solicitor title? Are you expected to know it all? Is it normal to be dropped in the deep end? What are the expectations and what should you be doing? As a newly qualified solicitor training and development should be ongoing and there’ll be a fair degree of hand-holding in the first...


The two-sided interview: why you need to interview your interviewer!

  • Natalie Young

Looking for a job can be an anxious-ridden time. You might’ve worked with your current employer for a long period, or maybe you’ve worked on a few shorter-term contracts; one thing's for sure every job seeker wants to join a business with a future ahead of them.

A career can be a tricky business

As a recruiter, I speak to a lot of applicants who’ve made ‘mistakes’ during their work history (by their...


What to do if you're interested in a legal job but don't have the experience

  • Jessica Holt

I’m often contacted by lawyers, particularly at the junior level, who are really passionate about an area of law but feel as though they don’t have enough experience in it, and therefore, enough experience to apply for a role. A good example of this is real estate law (more on this below).

A general rule

More often than not, lawyers are required to have a training seat in the practice area they're...


A summer of highs and legal jobs for Birmingham and the wider Midlands region

  • Chloe Matthews

Whilst we reflect on a summer of fantastic highs in general: high temperatures, World Cup football (including M&S reporting high sales of the waistcoat) and the Royal Wedding, it's also been a pretty busy summer for Birmingham. As the city of Birmingham's major redevelopment works continues at a rapid pace, the city centre is changing before our eyes and this means lots of work and lots of legal...