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Interview Preparation

  • Ria Karnik

So you updated your CV, we’ve had a chat and ascertained what is driving your search and we have identified some options with firms that could provide you that next step in your career. We agree that I, as your recruitment consultant, will approach the firms with your CV, and we secure you an interview! So far, it’s all going swimmingly and you’re looking forward to meeting with the Partners and...


CV Tips for Recruiters

  • Rob Barklamb

My working day often begins by looking through that morning’s CVs from alerts on job boards. I hope against hope that today, there will be that special candidate who graduated two or three years ago, has a solid couple of years under his or her belt with one of the big international recruiters and now wants something more intimate, but still professional. Most days, however I am met by CVs of people...


Should I call my recruiter?

  • James Grayston

Has anyone ever told you communication is key? Whatever the relationship, communication between relevant parties is important in all walks of life. This remains vitally important when it comes to the relationship between a recruiter and a candidate. Having a constant line of communication is important and gives the recruiter the best possible chance of helping you to secure your dream job. So why is...


Following up after a job offer

  • Emma Lester

The job of a good recruiter doesn’t stop when you have the job! You speak to us because you want a new job; we get you a new job, why do you need to speak to us again?! As whacky as this sounds, I think the relationship you have with your recruitment consultant is much like the relationship you have with your hairdresser, it’s a relationship built on trust and once you have that, its hard to replicate...


Communication is key - it’s a two way street

  • Joanna Leaver

We aim to provide second to none service to our clients and the lawyers that we work with at all times. What I would say is that in order to do this communication is absolutely key both ways. I appreciate that we are all busy (especially at this time of year!), however in order for us to get the best outcome for both the people and the firms that we work with it’s important that you keep us in the loop....


Greed, Ignorance and Recruitment Consultants

  • Rob Barklamb

I’m always happy to take a call. Many is the Saturday morning when PPI cold callers and Marketing Lifestyle Survey screeners actually hang up on me as I ask them about their plans for the rest of weekend and what they had for dinner last night. Yesterday, I took a call from a fellow recruiter who wasn’t a Rec to Rec but who wanted to talk to me about a candidate. Bit odd, but as I say, such is my...


What not to do at an interview!

  • Bhavisha Duggal

This is a little follow up on my previous blog about how to succeed at interviews. This however is about putting the shoe on the other foot and looking at top tips at what not to do at interview! I recently met with a couple of partners from a well renowned international insurance firm in Birmingham and had a very interesting chat about their views on interviewing candidates. Being a good recruitment...


How much do British workers like their jobs and pay?

  • Craig Wilson

Last year, YouGov ran a poll to ascertain how many British workers liked their job and their wages. Producing an outcome that certainly surprised me, given our well documented period of austerity and inflation, the results confirmed that almost half of us – the 1,133 employed British Adults sampled - consider ourselves well-paid and two-thirds of us say we are in jobs we like or love. How much do we...


Do I stay or do I go?

  • Joanna Marklove

It’s always a tricky situation, if only we all had a crystal ball and could predict how things will turn out. Do I take the gamble and hope this solves all the problems that led to this decision or do I battle it out and hope things do change?? In an increasing difficult and changing insurance market this is a one of the situations most firms dread. The battle for attracting good Paralegals and...



  • Gishan Abeyratne

I recently read an article in the New Yorker about infidelity and how society’s attitude towards promiscuity has changed in recent years. Forget the swinging 60s and the free love movement, the noughties gave us Tinder et al., which has made the amorous activities of the otherwise illicit adulterer easier, more common, apparently more acceptable, or at least more expected. How does any of this relate to...