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Character versus credentials – what’s more important at interview stage?

  • Luqmaan Ayaz

One thing I’ve noticed - recruiting for top-tier law firms (that dominate in their respective markets) - is the interview process doesn’t differ that much law firm to law firm; more often than not, the difference between securing an offer and being unsuccessful has less to do with your skill-set than it does your character.

The importance of character at the interview stage

Interviews can be daunting...


'Slip! Slop! Slap!': a barometer of London's summer recruitment activity

  • James Franklin

The UK summer of 2018 has been the fourth hottest on record with temperatures reaching 33 degrees Celsius in the Met Office's Stephenson Screen; my back garden thermometer nearly exploded with the mercury rising to 40 degrees Celsius in the direct sunshine! 'Slip! Slop! Slap!' comes to mind -  a saying I first heard in Australia many years ago. (Worth a Google session if you haven't come across...


Is there a legal job available even if there's no live vacancy?

  • Henry Bain

So, you’re looking for a job but only want to apply for ‘live job vacancies.’  I often hear this from lawyer candidates: they’re only interested in applying for legal jobs that are released to the wider market/where they know there’s a role available, but are these lawyers missing a trick? Depending on your practice discipline and PQE (especially if you're between two and five years qualified); just...


Have millennial lawyers got the right idea?

  • Juliet Lawson

Recently, there’ve been a lot of articles reporting a rise in millennials who are ‘quitting’ their lucrative careers to live life differently. Headlines include: ‘Why more millennials are quitting lucrative jobs to travel’ and ‘43 per cent of millennials plan to quit their job within 2 years’. I often hear the ready response amongst partners and directors at law firms: millennials are the ‘snowflake...


Tips on how to stay in control of your legal job search

  • Nick Fear

So. you're looking for a new job, you've registered with the well-known job boards and a couple of the better-known agencies; now you can sit back and wait for the interviews to a role in. If only it was this simple. All too often candidates find themselves inundated with phone calls from all sorts of agencies, some talking about specific roles, some talking about speculative things and some not...


I didn’t qualify in September, will there be any jobs for me?

  • Rozie Hunter

This is a question I get asked a lot. NQ season started in the North East early this year, with September qualifiers securing NQ Solicitor roles as early as February, and the majority of NQ Solicitor positions being filled by June/July.  Throughout NQ season I get a number of calls from Trainee Solicitors qualifying at random times of the year (often as a result of having time to count), who are...


Can a lawyer make a four-day working week work?

  • Sam Vincent

The age-old question, do part-time hours in the legal profession actually work? It’s quite the quandary as I hear you ask yourself: “Will I be fitting the same amount of work into a shorter amount of time whilst getting paid 20% less? ... “Will I be just as busy and stressed?” The answer is: there’s no definitive answer. Rightly or wrongly, it’ll completely depend on your individual circumstances,...


Attracting and hiring top lawyers: what you need to do now

  • Catherine Henry

No one can sell your firm like you can, so make sure you give it your best shot. I can assure you, it makes all the difference when it comes to securing that lawyer you’re on the hunt for.  

The mechanics

It goes a little something like this, right? Working with a recruitment agency is easy. We find you the people; everyone who interviews with you wants to work with you; consequently, all offers are...


Newly qualified solicitor? How to make sure your law firm is looking after you!

  • James Grayston

With September just about upon us, many trainees are gearing up to begin their career as a newly qualified solicitor (NQ). This can be a daunting and stressful time (as it is for most people moving jobs), but let’s not forget your life’s work has been headed for this point: stepping out of the shadows; announcing yourself as a qualified solicitor! So, you start your new job and life is great… Then...


How do you know if a lawyer - or law firm - is the right cultural fit?

  • Jessica Holt

When I ask lawyers what their top priority is in seeking out a new role, I get a variety of responses: for some, money is the main driver; for others, they’re prepared to take a pay cut on the promise of a better work/life balance, or a shorter commute to the office. But one of the most common top priorities is finding the right culture. An increasing amount of lawyers want to know whether they’d fit...