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Should I tell a recruiter my salary and benefits package?

  • Luqmaan Ayaz

It seems this is a somewhat controversial topic. I’ve come across a handful of blogs that take the standpoint: this is private and should remain confidential. Some suggest the only reason a recruiter wants to know this information is to cap any offers that are made to you. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

How it really works

The first thing to understand is a good recruiter will never use your...


LinkedIn profile tips

  • Grace Homer

Unless you’ve been hiding in a dark cave or stranded on a desert island, you’ll be familiar with social media and the huge impact your online presence has on your professional and personal life. LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to showcase your professional experience and achievements to a digital audience. In doing so, it’s essential to portray your professional persona in the best way possible – to...


The importance of maintaining momentum during the recruitment process

  • Tom Shaw

Recruitment is a fairly long process for all parties involved. There are a number of key milestones and no one expects things to happen overnight. However, unnecessary and avoidable delays occur all too frequently. The result: each party misses out on their ideal outcome.

Taking the pain away

In the in-house market we recognise that our clients have businesses to run and that recruiting new team...


Resigning from your job? How to navigate 'the break-up' conversation

  • Angharad Warren

Leaving a job is never easy.  Your current firm afforded you an opportunity and invested in your training and development; helping you to progress your career.  It's natural to feel a degree of loyalty regardless of your motivations to move. We're programmed to resist change and it takes courage to move on, even when you know things aren't right. In much the same way, it takes courage to end any...


Fake News Facebook - Time to move on?

  • Vin Murria

Questions we've been asking ourselves...  1) How did they let this happen? 2) Did they influence election results? 3) Should we boycott Facebook? The simplistic answers seem to be... 1) They did it in pursuit of profits 2) Yes, they did 3) No, not really The real question should be, how can some people let ‘fake news’ influence their electoral decision? How did they allow...


Britain’s broken retail sector. Is the news as bad as it appears, particularly for those of us working in the Northwest?

  • Craig Wilson

News headlines in 2018 have been full of doom and gloom stories about problems, challenges and struggles within the UK retail sector.  Well known retail brands are going into administration, undertaking voluntary CVAs, closing stores, downsizing, making redundancies and losing market share.  We’ve seen Jamie’s Italian, Toys R Us, Conviviality Retail (Bargain Booze), Maplin, Jaeger, Agent Provocateur,...


Is it stressful being a lawyer?

  • Gishan Abeyratne

May 14th – 20th is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year the focus of the campaign is on stress. While it remains difficult to define medically, stress is now considered to be a major cause of death. I think it is fair to say that at some point in our lives and in one way or another, we all know what it’s like to feel stressed. Situations or events can make a person feel stressed; being placed...


How do I network effectively? Top tips

  • Emma Delli-Bovi

Networking in today's market is becoming faster and easier than ever. With the increase of online networking sites in addition to social media, the face-to-face world of networking is fast-becoming undervalued. Today's professionals are time poor, so why would they want to spend their evenings attending networking events, making small talk, and drinking cheap chardonnay? My thoughts: never...


The major problem with staying too long in your job…

  • Mark Levine

Back in the old days, job security was everything and everybody's main criteria in looking for that ‘job for life’. People wanted a job in a huge corporation that'd keep them employed until retirement, or the final salary pension made it pointless to keep on working! Those days have obviously gone and no one can guarantee you lifelong employment with a guaranteed nest egg at the end. The only person...


Do I need more money?

  • Gishan Abeyratne

Money is always an interesting topic of conversation, no matter where you are or who you’re talking to. In some circles it’ll be a passing thought, in others it’ll be treated with the greatest of importance, and then some will see it as a hindrance or struggle. No matter where you would place yourself in any of these circles, you can always make an argument for wanting or needing more money. It’s a...