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Words of wisdom for NQs from an experienced top tier interviewer

  • Juliet Lawson

Last Thursday evening we held our annual Leeds NQ event at Revolution Call Lane, a series of short talks followed by drinks, food and informal networking. I gave everyone an overview of what we’re expecting from the NQ season this year, where we anticipate roles coming up and what to expect from the process generally. Tom Fleet talked about the market from the in-house perspective. We had 2 guest...


How do I become an interim lawyer?

  • Raj Sidhu

I have worked as an interim legal recruiter for over ten years and during this time I have seen the landscape for interim lawyers within the legal field become increasingly popular. Realistically it is an option for mid and senior level lawyers who for a variety of reasons no longer want permanent work, however still want to practice law and work for periods of time that suits them. From a law firm...


How long should I stay in my job?

  • James Grayston

I’ve been with BCL Legal for little over a year and now and in that time I’ve learned a lot. The last year has given me the understanding that this is the job for me; this is where I want to build my career. These thoughts didn’t come in the first week or two though as it takes time to learn about the company, to get a feel of whether you enjoy the work, and to assess whether the company shares your...


Are men and women paid equally?

  • Gishan Abeyratne

The question around the gender gap has always been relevant, but it seems that recently it has become more prevalent. With major multinational organisations now releasing information on their gender gaps, there has been some rather drastic call for change to level the playing field, and rightly so. Are men and women treated, regarded, and paid equally? No. Should they be? Yes. Are there exceptions to...


Do I have to accept a job offer straight away?

  • Vin Murria

This question is one that we are continually asked. It is a very exciting time and a huge relief to get a job offer isn’t it? Why would someone go through the process of sorting a CV, going to multiple interviews, finally getting an offer and not say yes?! Why? Well those exact reasons for thinking you should accept straight away are why you shouldn’t! Whether you are at the start of your career or a...


Two essential things you should do when applying for a job

  • Rob Barklamb

After a day out of the office on Friday and with a raft of CVs in my inbox after some new job postings, a big chunk of my Monday was spent going through CVs I had received in application for some of our internal vacancies. As the day wore on, my mood darkened as I grew increasingly frustrated by two basic mistakes being repeated over and over again. These applications were immediately screened out...


Using a recruitment consultant…?

  • Joanna Marklove

Whether you are at the very first post of your legal career looking for that first lucrative step in the door or you are a successful and established lawyer, is it worth speaking to a recruiter? I know it’s a bit of a minefield and a whirl of questions run through your head, working out which agents offer what, who is better placed to speak to etc., are you better off doing things directly? So I...


Make your own mind up

  • Henry Bain

So you’re looking for a change of scene, you heard someone say once that “a change is as good as a rest” and you’ve decided they were right – but what sort of firm do you want to move to? Money is definitely going to be one consideration and will the quality of the work your new firm are going to offer you but what is it ACTUALLY like working there?  This is perhaps the most important question of all to...


What can I do as a newly qualified solicitor if I don’t want to practice?

  • Catherine Henry

Recruitment may just be the answer. Have you recently qualified and are now thinking that becoming a solicitor isn’t exactly what you dreamt it would be? You do have options. Legal recruitment will give you the opportunity to utilise your legal knowledge, build relationships with law firms, assist your peers in their career ambitions, whilst not compromising your own. It takes a long time to...


What should I wear to a legal interview?

  • Angharad Warren

In so far as interviews go, particularly in the legal profession, 'business casual' does not apply.  First impressions count and the importance of making a good one cannot be underestimated. Whilst smart trousers and a buttoned down shirt or a wrap dress might be acceptable office wear at many firms on a day to day basis, you should always turn up to an interview reflecting your most professional...