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How to work with recruiters effectively – what to be mindful of

  • Mark Levine

I’ve spent the last 17 years building up my contacts and relationships in the North-West legal community. When you ask me to find you a lawyer, I use every one of those 17 years to think of who I know, who’d like your opportunity, and who’d be right for you. Once I’ve introduced my network to you, the recruitment campaign is in your hands (I’ll always assist, but bottom line, clients have their own...


What can I do if my job role changes?

  • James Grayston

Securing your dream job is a fantastic feeling: from the interview stage to your very first day. The main goal of any job search is to secure an opportunity with a firm that makes you happy and keeps you satisfied. However, sometimes the job you take mightn’t be all it seems, or, your responsibilities and workload can change over time; with the needs of the business.

Positive change

Sometimes a change...


How do I negotiate a job offer?

  • Mike Huggins

There are two negotiating positions in the world of recruitment: -          The Employer -          The Lawyer If the demands and needs of both positions align, we hit the Goldilocks Zone and the offer’s accepted. If they don’t, the offer’s refused and it’s back to the drawing board.  This blog discusses The Lawyer’s role in negotiating a job offer: what’s reasonable, and how to avoid...


Essential tips on how to hand in your notice to ensure it's a smooth ride

  • Joanna Leaver

The thought of handing in your notice after several years of service is pretty daunting. You worry how the news will be received, and want to ensure things stay positive as you serve it out (usually 3 months in the legal profession). You might also worry about your departure’s impact on your colleagues. After all, if you like your team and get on well with your manager, you won’t like the idea of...


When should I start applying for a newly qualified (NQ) solicitor job?

  • Angharad Warren

You’ve given two years of your life to your training firm, relentlessly portrayed the best version of yourself, put in the effort and the hours (and sometimes tears), yet there’s no guarantee of a job at the end of it. It seems so unfair, but no matter how much you impress during your training contract, the reality is, budget and business-case dictate the teams that are able to take on NQs. As a result,...


Moving to London for work: should I become a ‘London lawyer?’

  • Ria Karnik

The London market’s always garnered interest from candidates – it’s a vibrant and diverse city with a large range of legal opportunities. I love London – I’m lucky enough to have a relatively easy commute into the city and I get to walk past some of London’s most iconic landmarks every day on my way to work. But moving to London as a lawyer, what can you expect? There’s a common perception that the...


Should I tell a recruiter my salary and benefits package?

  • Luqmaan Ayaz

It seems this is a somewhat controversial topic. I’ve come across a handful of blogs that take the standpoint: this is private and should remain confidential. Some suggest the only reason a recruiter wants to know this information is to cap any offers that are made to you. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

How it really works

The first thing to understand is a good recruiter will never use your...


LinkedIn profile tips

  • Grace Homer

Unless you’ve been hiding in a dark cave or stranded on a desert island, you’ll be familiar with social media and the huge impact your online presence has on your professional and personal life. LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to showcase your professional experience and achievements to a digital audience. In doing so, it’s essential to portray your professional persona in the best way possible – to...


The importance of maintaining momentum during the recruitment process

  • Tom Shaw

Recruitment is a fairly long process for all parties involved. There are a number of key milestones and no one expects things to happen overnight. However, unnecessary and avoidable delays occur all too frequently. The result: each party misses out on their ideal outcome.

Taking the pain away

In the in-house market we recognise that our clients have businesses to run and that recruiting new team...


Resigning from your job? How to navigate 'the break-up' conversation

  • Angharad Warren

Leaving a job is never easy.  Your current firm afforded you an opportunity and invested in your training and development; helping you to progress your career.  It's natural to feel a degree of loyalty regardless of your motivations to move. We're programmed to resist change and it takes courage to move on, even when you know things aren't right. In much the same way, it takes courage to end any...