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What's the deal with Europe?

  • Paul Warburton

As with domestic deals, the past few years have represented tough times for those involved in European Mergers and Acquisitions. The Lawyer recently published a very interesting article on the very subject matter taking a broad overview over 2014 and contrasting that against recent years. That analysis together with the data compiled by Thomson Reuter (TR) highlights the improving trends in corporate...

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First impressions

  • Tyler Fitzpatrick

As I come to the end of my second month specialising in dispute resolution recruitment for BCL Legal’s London office, there are a few things which I have noticed about the current market place and some recruitment hurdles our clients have to overcome but don’t show signs of changing any time soon. Yes, more litigators are required, but not across the board. Experienced litigators, since 2008, were...


Change of circumstances? Need to request flexible working?

  • Victoria Noble

During your working life there may come a time whereby your personal circumstances change which has a knock on affect to your job. It may be that you have children, and it is necessary to work around nursery pick ups and drop offs. Or perhaps when children start school and you have to work around the school pick up times. Nurseries and after school clubs can be restrictive as most close at six pm,...

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Is it time for a CV MOT?

  • Stephanie Clark

Inevitably, the time came this week to take my car into a local garage for a service and finally stop ignoring the multiple lights on the dashboard. As with every other service, a few things needed addressing and naturally, I agreed on the cheapest and fastest course of action to make the car roadworthy without causing too much inconvenience. I left happy in the knowledge that although the car was...


How do you know if you are really looking for a new job?

  • Nick Fear

Looking for a new job is a stressful and time consuming undertaking, requiring commitment to the process. Some of the burden can be eased by good recruitment consultants who will provide you with much of the information you require; help to tailor your CV, bring new positions to your attention and generally organise things for you. However, as a job seeker you will still need to consider job specs,...


Is the air-con on?

  • Matthew Porter

As I write this blog my colleague to my right is wrapped in a cardigan, my colleague opposite me has a hot water bottle on her lap and the chap at the other end of the office has just asked for the air conditioning to be cranked up as he is still cooling down from a lunchtime run around the City. I’m sure our office is no different to any other office when it comes to thermostat wars. I have worked...


A Guide to Using Social Media

  • bcl

Finding a new role using social media

The rise of social media has revolutionised many aspects of modern life and none more so than the job search market. The 2014 Social Recruiting Survey conducted by Jobsite suggests that the process of sourcing candidates and seeking mutual connections through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is now an integral part of the recruitment process. For employees, the...


Mind The Gap

  • James Brewster

As specialist legal recruitment consultants we often get asked by our law firm clients to offer salary advice i.e who is paying what and for what level of experience? Each year the task is getting harder due to the fact that a lot of firms have moved away from offering set salary bands of 2-3k for each level of PQE preferring instead to opt for a more merit based/responsibility levels led approach...


Kissing frogs

  • Georgina Inson

I read an article in The Lawyer recently about the US firm Jones Day’s extensive hiring spree in the City in which the London head, John Phillips explained that they have a rigorous recruitment process and admitted that “we kiss a lot of frogs” to find the right candidates. I’m glad I haven’t recently interviewed with them and not heard back! This got me thinking about the number of solicitors to...


How important is location?

  • Bhavisha Duggal

Having been born and bred in Birmingham and only ever living away from home for 3 years in Nottingham to complete my undergraduate degree in law, I returned to the only place I call home…..Birmingham! Here I went on to successfully complete my LPC, train and qualify as a solicitor and transition into my new career as a legal recruitment consultant specialising in insurance and personal injury...