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CVs and the 30 second test – how does your CV compare?

  • Craig Wilson

We are often told that a CV should be two pages long and no more. It is something that is drummed into us from the time we get careers advice at school and it is a rule that only some of us follow throughout our career. The reason given for having two pages is to ensure your CV is focused, contains quantifiable achievements and includes only information relevant to the role being applied for. The two...

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BCL Legal.com vs 3 well known legal recruitment jobs boards

  • Chantel Gallagher

I recently wrote a blog on recruitment and the digital age and how candidates prefer to be contacted via email or text message,  having recently read an article on recruitment grapevine about how the human element is critical in the future of recruitment. This article was very interesting given what I had noticed in the way that candidates are interacting in relation to their job search. As much as...


How best to use a recruiter to find your dream in-house legal job!

  • Mark Levine

Finding your perfect job can be a very time consuming and frustrating activity. Add into this normal life of working/ commuting/ family and social requirements you really have very little time to look for the right next opportunity. By taking advice and guidance from someone with industry knowledge, you have a much better chance of covering all bases. All 'we' do each and every day is speak with and...


Relocation relocation relocation

  • Rozie Hunter

Home sweet home – or moving away? It could be just what the doctor ordered? Throughout my career I have worked in Cardiff, Southampton, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds and have enjoyed living in or near each of those cities. I have had a number of reasons for my move, from family (I am from Southampton originally), to University and to my Partners job moving us around. With the legal market getting...

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The importance of giving candidates feedback

  • Matt Robinson

When clients are recruiting it’s due to a variety of reasons but most of these amount to the fact that both interviewers and HR will be busy in an effort to service business needs. The need to recruit new members of staff generally means that an aspect of the business is not being serviced efficiently resulting in existing members of staff working in excess of their reasonable capacity. They are, quite...


What motivates you?

  • Mary Nowell

I recently attended a Marcus Child course entitled “A Masterclass in Leadership”. Amongst other things Marcus discussed the different factors that motivate each and every one of us and the importance of setting and working towards definable and attainable goals. It got me thinking, how many of us spend time actually thinking through what we are trying to achieve and planning how we will get there? As...


Chasing the elusive work-life balance

  • Louisa Phillips

2014 has seen a huge upturn in the legal market in the UK. The transactional market is buoyant and lawyers are gaining good quality work across the spectrum, from corporate and banking transactions to commercial property instructions which are keeping lawyers within the top tier to boutique practices busy. But for transactional lawyers there is a price to pay – long hours are now the norm for most...


Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to your next career move, in particular with “Location, Location, Location.”

  • Victoria Noble

After working within recruitment for a while now I have noticed the importance of being honest in your job search in particular how viable a move to a new location can be. I speak with candidates on a daily basis and the reasons for an individual’s job search can vary wildly. Everyone has different reasons for looking and a unique situation. It makes my job interesting as each candidate has their own...


Stress in the City

  • Raj Sidhu

I read an interesting article in The Evening Standard this week about The Priory opening a new clinic in the heart of the Square Mile. This new clinic based on Fenchurch Street will be a specialist psychotherapy centre assisting City executives suffering with stress. According to the Office of National Statistics more than 3.5 million days were lost to sick days for stress, depression and anxiety...


Why you should always keep track of your CV

  • Catherine Henry

Searching for your ideal role can often be a minefield. Particularly in a buoyant market. Dependant upon the area of law you specialise in, you could be inundated with opportunities, all of which promising you the perfect job. You are likely to have done your research. No doubt you’ll have a list of firms which you would jump at the chance to work for. It’s important you really consider your...