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Life After Maternity Leave

  • Joanne Lack

I have recently returned to work after 6 months maternity leave and speak from experience when I say it can be traumatic particularly if it’s your first child. The organisation that must go into that first day is huge, and that’s before you even get to your desk! Keep in touch days are brilliant but nothing can really prepare you for that first day back in the office, but there are a few ways to make...

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Does an in house legal career beckon?...don’t let you legal discipline put you off

  • Joanne McKernan

Happy New Year I hope that during your New Years’ considerations, you have given some thought to whether a role as an in house lawyer may be for you. Should you be starting out in your career, you may believe, that in order to be considered for a career as an in house lawyer, it is paramount that you have at some stage following qualification focussed on commercial law. Whilst it is not at all...


BCL Legal’s 2015 Careers Talks confirmed in conjunction with the Leeds JLD

  • bcl

So another year is upon us and another wave of solicitors will soon be qualified. BCL Legal’s 2015 careers talks in conjunction with the Leeds JLD will be held at Tiger Tiger in Leeds on Tuesday 24th February. We are delighted to announce our confirmed speakers are Morag Joyce, Real Estate Partner at DAC Beachcroft and Alistair Maiden, Senior Commercial Lawyer at Asda. We’ll be providing career...


How do in-house lawyers grow their ‘value’?

  • Mark Levine

Wednesday 20th January saw BCL Legal's first CPD session of the year, held in conjunction with Addleshaw Goddard in Manchester. The subject was "The Value Challenge" and was run by Greg Bott, Head of the Client Development Centre at AG. It was an incredibly thought provoking as well as interactive session. I won't run through the whole programme but one slide really resonated with me, most probably...

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Help to buy supports 73,000 home sales

  • Chantel Gallagher

As a recruitment consultant that specialises in residential property it is great to see that the Help to Buy scheme is helping so many people get on the property ladder. Chantel Gallagher, Consultant with BCL Legal in Birmingham offers her opinion on the help to buy scheme and the current residential property market. There have been a few articles that I have read recently that suggest the market is...


Should I stay or should I go?

  • Tom Fleet

A counter offer or ‘buyback’ situation is when an organisation attempts to persuade an employee who has handed in their notice to stay with the organisation. This persuasion can take several forms, the most obvious being a pay rise. Nearly three quarters of counter offers fail within 12 months, that is the employee still ends up leaving the organisation. Why is this, and if you find yourself in the...


So you have hired somebody new – what do you do now?

  • Nick Fear

You have been through the recruitment process, interviewed candidates, checked their technical competency and made sure they have the personal characteristic that will fit in well with your team. Surely the hard part is finished; they will join and be massively successful. The team at BCL Legal in Birmingham has grown by 3 fold over the last 12 months to a point where we have 10 consultants covering...

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New Year, new job and the first 100 days…..

  • Rachael North

Already it is mid January, but still officially a ‘New Year’ which means there is much talk (and excitement) about a ‘fresh start,’ across many areas, including the pursuit of a new and challenging next ‘career move in house.’ Having ambitious career aspirations is laudable. Doing something about it and succeeding in beating off the competition to land a choice, legal role is quite an achievement....


BCL Legal – What it’s like on the inside…

  • bcl

My name is Joe Blackburn and I’m a geography student in my final year at Newcastle Uni. At some point in the last year I decided I was going to take a brave punt and attempt to enter the recruitment industry. With a spare week on my ‘busy’ student schedule, I decided to gain myself some experience, managing to secure myself (with the help of my mother) a week at BCL Legal in Manchester. I assume you...