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Advice for Aspiring In-House Lawyers

It’s almost always the case that working in-house means being part of a small team within a larger organisation, so be ready to handle different legal issues from all kinds of angles. If you like the idea of working on a variety legal areas every day, in-house is probably for you.

Great for Communicators

Often your role will be to keep non-lawyer colleagues updated on relevant legal matters that will affect the business. Whether the implications are about compliance, commercial effects or both, you’ll need to have the skills to explain the picture clearly in layman’s terms.

Commercially Minded?

In-house is often about dealing with the law in terms of its commercial impacts. You’ll probably be working with the people who run the business, and they will look to you for practical, business-minded solutions and opportunities. 

Career Progression

Many in-house lawyers effectively create their own career progression, picking and choosing their path and sourcing relevant training to suit.

As a sole counsel you may well set about growing a legal team under your management, assuming you can put together a convincing business plan to support the idea.

In a larger in-house team, you may have to wait for the incumbent manager to move on to open up the management role.

With commercial experience under your belt, it’s not uncommon for in-house lawyers to move between business sectors.

Some find that purely commercial roles appeal to them, and move away from the law into a business-centred position.