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Interview Tips and Advice

Interviews always vary in style, according to company cultures, interviewers and the specifics of the vacancy. Our insight into the company and its personalities will help you prepare for a particular interview, but here are a few best practice tips to also bear in mind.

Do Your Homework

Research is absolutely key to interviewing well. The more you know about the company and its legal team, the more you will show your interest and commitment to the vacancy during the interview. Just as importantly, learning about the organisation will help you decide if the role is really what you’re looking for.

Don’t Worry About Nerves!

It’s absolutely natural to feel nervous to some degree – for interviewers, nerves are a good sign; they show that the vacancy is important to you. Just try to turn that adrenaline into focus, concentrate on the interview and you’ll be fine. It’s worth remembering too that you’ve already succeeded in getting to the interview stage, so you have reason to be confident!


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