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Moving in house

There are a few myths and misconceptions surrounding the nature of working in-house. Clearly there are many differences compared with private practice, but there are also many differing roles and challenges within in-house itself.

We’ll Give You the Clearest Picture

In-house is a constantly evolving sector, and our daily contact with legal departments allows us to give you a realistic, current view of what you can expect from this varied field.

We can advise on how your qualifications, experience and career mindset could fit with working in-house. Whether you’re totally committed to the idea or simply exploring possibilities, our experienced consultants can give you the insights you need to make the right decision.

NQ: Too early? Not necessarily. It’s true most lawyers wait until they have 18 months’ or more experience, but we’re seeing an increasing number of people going in-house on qualification.

An easy option? Definitely not. Moving from private practice to in-house can be very challenging, and the varied, time-pressured nature of the work means you have to be responsive and quick off the mark.

You must be commercially minded? While commercial law is usually central to working in-house, success is often more a matter of personality than business acumen. If your talents lie in flexible thinking, organisation and communication skills, you may well find in-house suits you down to the ground.

Doesn’t private practice pay better? Another misconception! In-house salaries are on a par with – and often higher – than private practice. This is particularly true for junior to mid-level lawyers. And packages can often include pension schemes, share options and bonuses.

Talk to Us

In-house opportunities are so varied, it makes sense to get the best, most up to date advice. So talk to BCL soon. In the meantime, take a look at the video resources here for insights into the work of an in-house lawyer.

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