BCL Legal Recruitment
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2-4 years PQE

BCL maintains extensive connections across the UK legal profession, with specialist teams focused on specific disciplines throughout private practice. So whichever direction you wish to explore or pursue, we can help you make the decision that works for you and your future.

Rely on us for Expert Guidance

If you’re unsure of where to make your next move, meet with us and we can help you to define your options more clearly. Equally, if you have a distinct plan in mind, BCL’s networks, knowledge and experience will allow you to put your ideas into action effectively.

We’ll Help Find Your Ideal Job

The choices you make at this early stage in your career are clearly crucial. It’s important to take your time, and not be tempted to go for a role just because it’s ‘kind-of in the right area’.  Once we’ve gained an understanding of your talents, personality and aspirations we’ll help guide you into the opportunity that’s a perfect fit.

Use our Connections

We’ve been in legal recruitment for a long time; BCL is part of the UK legal landscape. Our networks extend to include legal professionals, firms and departments in every geographic region.

Focused expertise – BCL’s teams concentrate on defined legal disciplines and sectors. Each has a deep and current understanding of their market.

Respected for more than recruitment – BCL is involved in activities such as education, free CPD seminars, informative blogs, awards sponsorship and our online magazine The Brief is widely-read in the legal community. We’re proud to play a role beyond our own business activity.

Trusted by our clients – Employers know us as proven performers. They have come to rely on us for matching candidates to roles with accuracy – making the right call in terms of personality fit as well as qualifications and experience.