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The Business plan

Forming Your Business Plan

As an experienced lawyer seeking to move from your current position, a strong business plan shows just how much of an asset you will be to the firm you’re approaching.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Credible

Your business plan doesn’t need to be complex or lengthy – a concise analysis of clients, types of work and fees generated is what the interviewer wants to see.  Most law firms will want details of how your client list can be migrated, its fit with their existing business and how it will further the firm’s expansion and development.

Plan Structure

Your plan should comprise four sections:

Base – detailing your current situation

Objective – why you’re moving your practice and why it will fit with the recruiting firm

Method – the details of how you’ll migrate your clients

Measurement – your fee predictions in the form of projected turnover

Presentation Factors to Consider

  • Be realistic, positive and have all your facts ready
  • Don’t be tempted to qualify your facts and figures with caveats
  • Make your points unambiguously
  • Be clear on how your client base will integrate with the recruiting firm
  • A detailed guide to formulating a business plan is available here in our Business Plan Tips video.