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Newly Qualified - 1YR PQE

Taking the first steps ofyour legal career can be daunting. With so many specialisms, sectors, roles and industries to choose from, finding your ideal path is that much simpler if you have access to good advice and experience.

We’ll Help You Focus

BCL has been working with all kinds of legal professionals for many years, at all career levels and in every sector. So when we meet you and get to understand what areas of the law interest you and where your talents lie, our insight can help you clearly see the opportunities that will suit you.

We’ll Support Your Search 100%

We know from experience that it’s worth taking the time to find a role that’s definitely aligned with your ultimate ambitions – not just ‘any job so long as it’s in law’. It takes patience and a certain determination, but with our support and connections, you will get your start in the right direction.

We’ll Connect You with Just the Right People

Because BCL has been in business a long time, we’ve built up an extensive array of networks with legal professionals, firms and departments across the UK.

Specialist teams - Working in defined legal disciplines and geographical areas. They know their market, the players within it and what’s happening where.

Respected in the law community - Partly because we make positive contributions beyond our business as legal recruitment consultants. Free CPD seminars, a widely-read online professional magazine, informative blogs, education, awards sponsorships to name but a few.

Companies take us seriously – Our involvement with the legal world is genuine; they know our interviewees will be ‘their kind of people’. We take more care than most to match candidates and employers precisely – not just in terms of qualifications and experience, but in culture and personality too.