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Mark Levine
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15 ways to turn off your interviewer

  1. Turning up late and not apologising.
  2. Lack of eye contact when speaking/listening.
  3. Limp handshake.
  4. Taking so many notes that the interviewer only sees the top of your head.
  5. Making your first question a negative one: “What are the challenges when working at this organisation?”
  6. Not giving a direct answer to a direct question/being too verbose.
  7. Not opening up/revealing your personal side – being too business-like.
  8. Making the whole interview like getting blood out of a stone.
  9. Being on the arrogant side of confident.
  10. Being overly negative about your current place of work.
  11. Bringing your baggage to the interview... No matter how many times we told one lawyer not to talk about needing to get a lift to interviews by family and friends due to a short term health problem it was always the first thing they mentioned… Instant red flag – how will they get to work every day?
  12. Taking an ‘important’ phone call during the meeting/not turning your phone to silent.
  13. At first interview - focussing on the salary and package of the role, or asking questions like how many holiday days do you offer?
  14. Knowing very little about the company you’re interviewing at.
  15. ‘Smart’ answers. For example, Q from interviewer: What excites you about this role? Interviewee: “I don’t know, I’ve not done it yet.”

Sadly, this is just a small selection – we hear many other reasons why applicants don’t make the grade. Part of our role as legal recruitment consultants is to help you get ‘interview ready’.

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