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2 updates on Linked In highlight the ‘problem’ recruiters/ recruiting clients face right now

Update 1: “After nearly 4 fun filled years... today I say good-bye to Clarks! It's been a blast!!! Will miss everyone hugely- but excited for the new adventure!”

Update 2: “As I walk out the door of my office this evening I'll be leaving behind some good friends who also happen to be great lawyers. I'm sad to be leaving but the next chapter starts in 10 days' time for me, and I'm excited about it!”

To me these updates read: I was not unhappy in my current role but it was time for something new and I am excited about what is ahead and sad to be leaving my current company/colleagues behind.

The problem for recruiters and hiring companies is this: do anything that conveys that the future opportunity is not ‘better’ in numerous ways to the individual’s current position and you risk losing your next recruit.

We have had lawyers turn down opportunities for a variety of reasons in recent months. These include: (in no particular order)

1. Recruitment process is deemed too lengthy – conveys the company to be to hierarchical and process driven.

2. Money – either the salary offered is too low (not enough of an uplift to take the risk of a move) or the package is less than what they are currently on.

3. They have been persuaded to stay by their current organisation – either through increased money or change in role.

4. Work life balance in new organisation does not match current one – or does not match their requirements!

The recruitment market is still challenging with most organisations looking for the same type of person. Enter into any recruitment process with the above in mind and I am sure you will be fine!!

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