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BCL Legal holds its annual NQ seminar in conjunction with the Newcastle JLD

Earlier last month BCL Legal held its annual NQ seminar in conjunction with the Newcastle JLD at Bealim House in Newcastle City Centre. Not only was this a hugely successful event, it was also held in a gin bar. What more do you need?!

First and second year trainees from around the North East gathered for an informative talk from BCL Director, Catherine Henry and Associate Jo Leaver.  We were also joined by our guest speaker Chris Graham, Partner and Head of Employment and Commercial Litigation from Watson Burton.

Qualification can be a really daunting process for trainees, and information is not necessarily readily accessible outside of the firms you are training in. We feel these seminars are a really useful tool for trainees to learn about how the recruitment process works on qualification, and also a really helpful way to gain that all important clarity (and honesty!) about the lead up to qualification.

Catherine discussed the important elements to consider when you qualify, such as having second choices when it comes to practice area, as well as other options for location, size of firm, and salary expectations as well. She also spoke about loyalty to your current firm (something which the majority of people battle with), and also more daunting topics such as jumping into a paralegal role instead of a qualified position if your ideal role is not available.

Our guest speaker Chris Graham spoke about this career path thus far and how he got to where he is today. He also talked about what he likes to see on a candidate’s CV when it lands on his desk. We were delighted Chris was able to join us for some informal drinks and questions afterwards which a number of the trainees found really helpful.

We love getting to meet you all at these events, and would encourage as many of you to sign up as possible next year. By meeting you in person we really remember you, and not only that but we also get to know exactly what your wants and needs are when it comes to an NQ role. It’s not just as simple as – commercial property seat = commercial property job. We want to get to you know YOU!

A number of interviews have been set up as a result of this event in Newcastle, so if we haven’t spoken already, please get in touch and we would be delighted to assist you on your NQ search this year.

For more information please contact BCL Legal or call us on 0161 819 7475.


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