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BCL Legal meets the Newcastle JLD Committee  

This month I went to Newcastle for a few days of client meetings, and whilst I was there I took the opportunity to take the Newcastle JLD (Junior Lawyers Division) committee members out for a yummy meal at the new Byron Burger on Grey Street. Now without turning this post into a restaurant review – I think we were all pretty impressed with this new burger joint in town – we certainly all stuffed our faces – not an easy task when trying to chat at the same time! I think I will certainly be back next time I am up for work.

About 10 of us went out for dinner, and after a few glasses of wine conversation turned from formal introductions to planning our events schedules for next year. We do a huge amount of work with the Leeds and Manchester JLD’s, and so it was only a matter of time before we expanded this to include the Newcastle network as well. Junior lawyers are hugely important for the future of law firms, and we love to work with them in the best way we can, so provide social events and networking opportunities, as well as inspiring career talks featuring presentations with high flying Partners from the local law firms, and speakers from hugely successful in-house legal teams.

We are super excited about getting together with the Newcastle guys again in the New Year, this time with the rest of the JLD members. A lot of trainees think that they only need to get in contact with us close to qualification, but that is not the case. We are here to support trainees through their training contracts and beyond. It is worth getting in touch with us early on during your training contract, as we love putting faces to the names when we get to meet you at the events. We are so much more likely to remember you as well, which can only reflect well when representing you to our clients later on down the line.

Keep an eye on your emails for future events with the Newcastle JLD – we have some fun ideas planned, and we are looking forward to meeting you all.

For more information, please contact Rozie Hunter at BCL Legal.

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