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The benefits of updating your legal recruiter, even if you’re not looking!

Let me tell you, as a legal recruitment consultant, I’ve built a thick skin. I must leave hundreds of voicemail messages a day and send bags of emails to individuals that go ignored.

Sometimes I can understand why people don’t respond - the most obvious reason: they’re not actively looking for a new job.

What’ve you got to lose?

Despite not wanting a job, what’ve you got to lose by answering a call or responding to an email from a recruiter? If you’re busy at the time, come back to me to arrange a better and more convenient time to chat. You might find that by having nothing to lose, you have everything to gain.

Why I’m calling you (even if you’re not looking)

It starts with a search. For example, say I’ve got a specific legal job in Nottingham; my search will return a list of people who are a good fit based upon the criteria I input. Based on this, I’m contacting you because ‘on paper’, you’re a good fit for the role.

Even if you’re not looking or the role isn’t ‘the one’ for you at that moment, one of the reasons I’m calling is to determine this: I need to ask you that question.

In terms of possible gain, it might be that we touch on another role that’s more suitable. Or, the call might confirm you’re in the right role. Either way, you lose nothing except five minutes of your time…

Where tech fails (another reason to answer my call)

As great as technology is, my database search doesn’t consider outside variables. Such as you might be in line for a promotion or a pay rise; you might be taking a career break; having a baby or taking a trip. Unless we have a chat via phone or email, I don't know the finer details. And why’s it important for me to know them? So I can update the database.

The onus is on you

If you’re waiting for something specific: your goal is to land a role at your ‘dream’ practice and you’re sat there thinking, “why’s this BCL recruitment consultant sending me roles at X firm when I only want to work at Y firm?”, or “why are they sending me roles for X type of lawyer when I want to be Y type of lawyer?”, then you need to answer that call. Whilst we have many talents, we’re not mind readers.

We need your input to do our job correctly. There’s an onus on you, the job searcher, to play your part. I’m only as good as the information I’m provided with. Furthermore, don’t you want to feel in control of your legal job search and your legal career?

Recruitment consultants aren’t mind readers, but one of the talents we do have is tenacity. If we come across a CV that’s the client’s type on paper, we’ll work very hard to contact you. If you’re not looking for a job, just pick up that phone and tell us!

If you wish to have a confidential chat about legal jobs in the East Midlands, please contact Emma Delli-Bovi at BCL Legal 0121 230 1020 or

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