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Conveyancing legal jobs: open the floodgates for the perfect hire

I spend my days speaking to law firms that want the same thing: “good people”, but what does this actually mean? Experience; personality; someone who fits into the team? All of the above?

The conveyancing legal jobs process moves quickly and usually the desired candidate has two or three job offers on the table at any given point. So, if they’re offered the same salary and a similar position, what is it that makes them choose one firm over another? There are many variables that vary from person to person, including but not limited to progression, location (a job that’s on the doorstep) and something I hear more and more often from candidates: flexibility.

After the property crash in 2008, lots of conveyancers took some time out to start families and raise young children; years later these candidates haven’t lost their love for the job and want to return to the market, but they want to do the school run or work three days per week because they’re in a financial position to do so.

So, the question is, does your firm afford flexibility? It’s fair enough if you need someone on a full-time basis, but if you’re able to allow some level of flexibility (whether it’s reduced hours, part-time or homeworking), believe you me, you’ve just opened up the floodgates to a whole new pool of candidates who could be perfect for the job.

At the moment, homeworking isn’t necessarily the norm but it’s looking like it will end up that way. Firms that don’t offer it are at least thinking about it for the not too distant future. I am seeing more firms thinking outside of the box: “what can we do? How can we set ourselves apart from our competition?” Offering homeworking (sooner rather than later) is a great start.

If you want to know how to attract top talent, what your competitors are doing that you’re not and what candidates nowadays are really looking for, please get in touch with me.

As a specialist in the conveyancing market, if you’re a firm that seeks a great hire or a candidate looking for a new role, feel free to call on 07530 737 186 and I’d be happy to help.

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