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Mark Levine
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How come 95% of the lawyers that register with us are happy in their current role?

You would have thought that if somebody registers with a recruitment consultant to look for a new role they must be unhappy in their job. As the title to this blog suggests this is just not the case when thinking about the lawyers that I assist. On the contrary most lawyers that call me start with the line "I'm not unhappy in my job..." So why do they contact me?

It generally breaks down as follows.

1. Private Practice lawyers looking to make the move in-house: In most cases the lawyers that contact me who are working in private practice are looking ‘solely’ to move in-house. They often say that if they were to remain in private practice they would stay with their current firm. They generally like their team members, work and clients but want to move in-house for the positive reasons of being an in-house lawyer.

2. In-house lawyers looking for another in-house role: This move is almost always about career development. They may have reached the ceiling that their current role can offer or just looking for that next challenge.

In both cases the job seekers I am assisting will not just move for any role. The role I put them forward for needs to tick most, if not all of their motivating factors for moving jobs. This means the business, sector, role, level, team, future business plans, money, location, and flexibility all needs to work for them.

Add to this the client’s requirements and it is a wonder any matches take place!

If you are "happy" in your current role but want to talk to us about an in-house move we are always on hand to help!

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