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I would do anything for an in-house role… but I won’t do that!

I have been called by some NQ’s recently who are keen to make the move in-house. On the positive side I have been impressed with their reasoning for doing so. It is clear that they want to move for the ‘positives’ of being an in-house lawyer, as opposed to some of the negative attributes of being in private practice.

At this level it is competitive. Not only are most in-house roles for c2yrs+, when the NQ role does come to the market it is highly sought after.

We are now one month away from qualification and two NQs that have contacted me about an in-house move do not have a role come September. Time is running short to find their perfect role.

After discussing an opportunity with both individuals their CVs were submitted and both were called for interview. On closer inspection as to where the company was based both decided that the 20 mile commute was too much for them and they declined the interview.

Now I am here to help lawyers get the role that they want so if a commute doesn't work for them then I respect that. However I remember during the last recession the lengths people went to, to get a job, as highlighted in the below blog of 2010:

"Move (literally) with the market"

The good news is that the in-house legal market is definitely more active than it has been over the past couple of years. However, there still remains less roles than the number of lawyers looking for opportunities and in addition to this, there is more of an even split between interim and permanent roles than there has traditionally been prior to the economic downturn.

In the past couple of months the recruiters at BCL Legal have assisted a number of lawyers get back into work, however the catch is that most have had to move location to secure the position. We have seen a 'Geordie' move to Manchester, a Scouser to Newcastle and a Brummie to Milton Keynes.

Often leaving family behind these lawyers have done all they can to secure themselves a position. My hat goes off to them - it isn't an easy position to be in - but if this is what it takes to find work and bring in a salary and at the same time keep the CV looking productive then being open to a move - even if it is only for a short period of time - is necessary given current market conditions.

If you are available for work and wish to discuss the options to you we look forward to hearing from you." Back to present day and it seems that some young lawyers of today will do anything for an in house role as long as it suits them!

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