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Are the Government incentives creating a “push” in the market?

Are the Government incentives creating a “push” in the market?

Over the last 2 years we have seen a rise in Government backed incentives, created with the aim of boosting the residential property market. These incentives have included; New Buy, First Buy and various other affordable housing schemes however this week we have seen the “pension for property” scheme where first time buyers will be able to use their parents and grandparents’ pensions as a  guarantee in order to encourage banks to lend.

What does this all mean for conveyancers? Having seen a turbulent market for most of 2012 with a number of peaks and troughs will this extra added scheme assist in plateauing the market, encouraging banks to lend again and allowing firms to have faith in the market and therefore promote, hire and retrain again?

This year, I have already seen a growth in residential property recruitment. Many of the larger firms have started to boost their conveyancing offering again wanting well trained conveyancers to join their team whilst the volume conveyancers are continuing to grow. Smaller high street practices are always looking for individuals who are business development minded. With trainee Solicitors being offered NQ positions, many are seeking a role in residential property and most firm are looking for Assistant Conveyancers /Post Completion Assistant to support their current conveyancers. From where we are sat, the market looks like it is becoming much more stable and attractive.

Surely with the rise of government strategies and schemes, if anything it will soon become easier for people to get on the property market. I believe residential conveyancing is definitely on the rise and if you are looking to get back into the sector or are currently in a position but unhappy it’s a great time to start looking. Employers are seeing an increase in work and are looking for people with a ground in property to assist them. Moving positions now will allow you the opportunity to develop and progress  your career as the team is re-built and developed.

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